Best University in Bangalore, India - REVA University.

To be creative, you need to think outside the box. Well, yes, but that well-worn metaphorical cliché in itself has been over-used to the point of creative redundancy. True creativity is fresh, new, and unexpected. But how do you acquire that? It might take a lot of willpower, persistence and deliberate practice, but you can do it. There’s nothing that can stop you, if you’re determined enough.

As the economy improves, often the construction business does as well—but that industry is still looking for sound strategies, not just structures. The construction industry is being fuelled by global trends and national projects like smart cities, and the wants to create designs such as the green buildings are the new trend in the field of architecture and civil engineering. Rising smart infrastructure

With talented faculty, staff and students from all over the world, the iconic, and the best University in Bangalore, REVA University campus is filled with unique perspectives, opportunities, and events. It all takes place within the vibrant setting of Bangalore, a city known for its lively arts scene and culture. At the University, we create opportunities for students to make the most of

In contemporary India (post economic liberalisation), an MBA degree has become one of the most coveted and prestigious career options. Indeed, the demand for a degree from a top MBA college in India is so high that last year over 2.5 lakh students applied for the CAT. In keeping with this high demand for an MBA degree, today many top colleges and universities, including REVA University, offer such

Engineering and Medical are generally seen as two of the most popular career options among students in India after completing their XIIth boards. A new area that is rapidly becoming popular among students is Biotechnology. Though this is not a new field, there have been lots of advances in technology in this area in recent times. This has caused the demand for biotechnology graduates to skyrocket.