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Executive MBA programs

E-MBA in General Management

One year Executive MBA program is designed to fast track your career and transform fast rising executives to powerful leaders with global perspectives. Based on innovation, leadership and research this course molds your thinking process and decision making skills to bring strategic perspective to your organization. The course incorporates latest trends in research, techniques and tools in management education using experiential pedagogy.

E-MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management

Designed to prepare entrepreneurs in the exciting journey of starting up or growing their ventures. The participants are given hands on training on starting up, opportunity evaluation, business modeling, business planning, family business management, fund raising, and valuation and so on along with management education to launch and manage entrepreneurial ventures successfully. Incubation, mentoring and seed funding facility are available for startups.

E-MBA in Retail

Worldwide, retail organizations, online, offline and hybrid are changing the way how customers search and shop. Retail industry is in demand for passionate professionals who can lead this disruptive transformation through management and leadership skills. Executive MBA Program in Retail Management is designed incorporating the latest developments, tools and research to equip the participants to lead this revolution in retail industry.

E-MBA in Media & Entertainment

Are you passionate of the business side of movies, TV/radio shows? If yes, this program is for you! This program provide the participants an in-depth understanding of show business. Addressing to fill the ever growing needs of professionals in entertainment industry this course prepares you to an exciting career in films, television, radio, press, online and so on. Curriculum is designed and delivered by entertainment industry professionals with years of media experience. This will be an exhilarating journey!

E-MBA in Healthcare Management

With India emerging as one of the hot destinations for ‘health tourism’ there is a large need of qualified professionals who can lead this revolution. This MBA program is thus, designed to healthcare professionals and aspirants to learn the nuances and latest trends in healthcare sector and manage hospitals and other medical tourism based institutions. The course is designed incorporating the fast changing global trends in health care.

E-MBA in Hospitality Management

Hospitality industry beingone of the highly profitable industries in the world,brings in significant amount of foreign exchange to our country. Several of global hotel chains have established their strong presence in India and are in constant search of qualified and passionate professionals to lead them from the front. This executive MBA program is designed to hone the strategic management skills of professionals within the hospitality, tourism and service industries and equip them to compete and excel in the global environment.

Starting Date: January 22nd 2016.
Course Fee for E-MBA Programs: INR 1,00,000 for two semesters.
E-MBA program offers a mix of offline (contact) and online classes on weekends.