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Diploma in HR Analytics in Association with Jigsaw Academy

As an HR leader, it is imperative to build the right technical and functional skills in Analytics to spear head your organization and enhance your career! REVA University in association with Jigsaw Academy offers a three months’ weekend Diploma program in HR Analytics to empower leaders like you!

This program is one of a kind, integrating powerful tools, analytics framework, case studies and real time data sets to change the HR landscape of your organization!

Why HR Analytics?

HR as a function has moved on from being a cost head to a strategic partner contributing to the bottom line profitability of organizations. HR leaders now focus on understanding how organizations can enhance their human capital by leveraging data pertaining to employees. This could range from talent identification, improving new hire quality, identifying and developing potential leaders, predicting turnover of employees, capturing the workforce demographics and dynamics, objective assessments and much more.

Applied properly, HR analytics can help you establish connections, correlations and even causality between HR metrics and business outcome – all of which can be used to identify emerging risks and design effective HR strategies to mitigate them proactively. In other words, HR analytics can provide a tangible link between people strategy and the organization’s performance.

Program Objectives: Aligning People Practices and Metrics

This program will help gauge the current maturity level of people practices of participating organizations and help move from basic to intermediary to advanced levels by developing a superior workforce practices through analytics. The program will help the HR leaders to answer a few of the pertinent questions:

Program Highlights

Diploma in HR Analytics - Program Highlights

Program Contents

Diploma in HR Analytics - Program Contents

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Trainers Profile

The trainers for the program are experts from companies like Accenture, Dell and Sasken Technologies with decades of experience in transforming organizations using Analytics.

Key Themes

Diploma in HR Analytics - Highlighted Metrics

Who Should Attend?

Mid and senior HR managers with at least 3 plus years of experience, who have access to data, and are in a need of taking better-informed decisions. Earlier experience in handling data will be helpful but not necessary to take full advantage of the program benefits.

Contact Details

For pricing, group discounts for corporates, trainers profiles and other details, please contact:
Dr. Shinu Abhi,
PhD | Fulbright Fellow, Head- REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE)
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