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School of Architecture- Director's Message

The B. Arch. Program in REVA is designed keeping in view the current situation and possible future developments, both at national and global levels. The Scheme of Instruction and Curriculum is prepared by the Board of Studies consisting of notable architects, designers and scholars in the field and allied fields. The B. Arch. Program of the university intends to teach students the conceptualization of designs, test assumptions, evaluation of results and refinement of craft. Students will have access to electives drawn from across disciplines in art, digital design, sustainability and urban design. The program aims to improve student’s aesthetic judgements and facilitate with exposure to a wide range of techniques and media.

I am sure the students choosing B. Arch. in REVA University will enjoy the curriculum, teaching, learning environment, the vast infrastructure and the experienced teachers’ involvement and guidance. The student-centered teaching and learning ambience helps to develop their personality to become successful professionals, entrepreneurs and proud citizens of the country.

I wish all students a pleasant stay in REVA and grand success in their careers.

Prof. Jagadeesha Chandra B. S.

Director, School of Architecture