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School of Chemical and Biological Sciences - Director's Message

Greetings to you!

It is my privilege to welcome you as the Director of the School of Chemical and Biological Sciences at REVA University, Bangalore. The aim of this school is to help students achieve their goal to the fullest potential and develop in them an ability to apply their education for the benefit of the society. I have been fortunate to work with young minds in my professional career and it has brought me constant joy and inspiration.

The school offers programmes in M.Sc. in Chemistry, M.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry, and M.Sc. in Bio-Technology and P.G. Diploma in Pharmacovigilance. The success of the students is central to our mission and the school is committed to this cause. It comprises expert faculty members who are deeply dedicated to educating students, identifying unique abilities and encouraging them to accomplish their dreams. The student population is heterogeneous group, consisting of nationalities such as Srilanka, Nepal, Africa and Gulf Countries. There is a linguistic, cultural and social diversity that adds to the learning environment.

In adherence to our commitment for better education, we continue to host our Seminar Series, which brings in an impressive group of presenters from whom the faculty members and students acquire important knowledge. We have wide range of MOU's with Nation-wide Academic Institutes and Industries which aims toward scientific collaborations and job centric programs.

In addition to the practice of applying scientific knowledge that is detrimental for the society, we conduct doctoral research studies and projects that will be understood and accessible to the public at large.

Diverse perspectives thrive on our campus, as dialogue and debates are encouraged and celebrated. A truly complete education is acquired both inside and outside the classroom; therefore the school combines the rigors of education with unique experiential learning opportunities available in the green city, through civic engagement and research.

Education is a powerful driver of people, communities, and economies. We collaborate with community partners to find common goals and common ground to address the challenges we face. REVA and its surroundings are a testimony of what is possible when people join forces to create a bright future for all. The university is proud to be part of that enduring effort. We can make a difference to the lives our students and invariably our community.

On behalf of our dedicated faculty and staff, I invite you to learn more about the academic and research activities and join us for one in the future at REVA University.

Best Wishes,
Prof. Shilpa B R

Director, School of Chemical and Biological Sciences