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Research in Computer Science & Engineering

Research in Computer Science & Engineering

List of Guides & their expertise

Name Email ID Research Interests
Dr. Sunilkumar S. Manvi WSN, Multimedia Communications, Soft Computing, Grid/Cloud Computing, Commerce
Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil Content Based Audio Retrieval, Innovative Mobile Application Development, Health Care, ICT For Rural Health Care And WSN
Dr. Mallikarjuna Shastry P M Parallel Computing, Computer Networks, Compiler Design, Computer Architecture, Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr.Udaya Rani.V Data Mining, Networks, Genetic Programming
Dr. Mallikarjun M. Kodabagi Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Language Processing, and Communication Protocols
Dr. M Prabhakar Networks, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Vishwanath R Hulipalled Data Mining
Dr. Gopal KirshnaShyam Cloud Computing
Dr. Shilpa Chaudhary Computer Networks

Research Facilities

a. VGST Cloud Lab

The objectives of establishing the cloud computing laboratory is to perform experiments related to the following areas using programs, tools and simulation techniques. The laboratory will be used to build programs to implement the following algorithms, test the programs and conduct the experiments by using real time data. The results will be recorded, analysed and published.

  • Analysis of Satellite Imagery for Cloud Cover to predict the amount of precipitation received in an area under observation
  • An Indexing System for Scientific Data using Fast Query
  • Dynamic Pricing for efficient workload collocation
  • Security Surveillance using Motion Detection
  • Securing Multimedia data using role based license

Developing MapReduce algorithms for various parallel tasks like Matrix-Vector multiplication Document Classification, Solving Linear Systems, Sorting, Finite Difference Methods, Fast Fourier Transform and Combinatorial Search.

Some of the projects carried out are:

  • Preventing Real-time packet classification to avertSelective jamming attacks in wireless networks.
  • Design and Development of Efficient AODV Protocol and Encryption Mechanisms to Prevent Security Attacks in Adhoc Networks
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Social TV
  • Preservation of Privacy in Cloud: Mobile Health Monitoring
  • Security Surveillance Using Motion Detection
  • A Cloud based DRM Scheme with SimCard
  • The Design and Realization of ZigBee – Wi Fi Wireless gateway using ARM9 Board
  • Implementation of Garbage Disposal Management System (GDMS)
  • Dynamic Collaboration Framework for Multi Cloud Computing Environments
  • Dynamic Pricing for Efficient Workload Colocation
  • An Indexing System for Scientific Data using FastQuery.
b. Mobile and Wireless Network Lab

The students and faculty work in the Lab to develop algorithms and implement applications on mobile devices in the areas of healthcare and farming. Some of the projects carried out are listed as follows:

  • Remote Rural Health Monitoring Using Maemo Platform
  • Temporal and Spatial Information Dissemination forBpand Diabetic Patients.
  • Farming under Technology’s Ideal Solution Using Maemo(Futism)
  • Helping Farmers Dynamically Through Positioning System (Hdps).
  • A Generic Framework of Information Services for Physically Challenged People.
  • Personalized Location Based Services
  • Online E-Wallet System with Decentralized Credential Keepers.

Some of the training and Interaction carried out are:

  • 14 Faculties and 5 students attended International Forum Nokia Developer Conference at Taj Residency, Bengaluru.
  • Conducted 2-days workshop on “Qt-Maemo ” at REVA.
  • Every month-end interaction with Nokia Finland experts over teleconferencing to update the status of ongoing projects.
  • 2 Faculties and 2 students invited for “Mobile Application Development” conference at Royal orchid, Bengaluru.
  • 2 faculties went to attend 2 day workshop on “Qt” at Nokia India Ltd.
  • 7 students attended workshop on “Advanced Qt Training with Emphasis on Networking & Mobility, at KLE Belgaum.
  • 2 Faculties& 2 students participated Windows Phone 7 development training at Bengaluru.

Research Grants

a. Executed Projects
01 Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil PSI 1. Healthcare System
2. Location based service
3. E- Service & Security
02 Prof. Bharathi M A VGST Migration of Business Logic to Database 2012-14
03 Dr. KiranKumariPatil VGST Tele mammography services for rural Indian women 2012-14
b. Ongoing projects
01 G C SATHISH VGST Cloud Computing Laboratory for Image Processing and Multimedia Data Security 2013 10,00,000

Consolidated report on VGST proposal submission.

S.No Name of VGST grant Title of the proposal Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Duration Grants in Rs
01 K-FIST (level -1) Infrastructure strengthening in Science and Technology for Big Data Analytics Dr.Mallikarjuna Shastry Prof. Satish G C 1 Year 10 Lac
02 CISEE Establishment of Innovative Skill Development Center for Enhancing Employability through Vocational and Skill Development Training among Rural Women, Adolescent Girls and Youth Members Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil -- 3 years 30 Lac
03 CESEM Metamorphosing Medical Informatics for underserved Rural of Rural India with Internet of Things Prof. AshwinKumar -- 3 Year 56L
04 SMYSR Microclimate Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Agricultural Applications Prof. Rajeev Ranjan Dr. Prabhakar 1 Year 4 lac
05 K-FIST (level -1) Establishing Embedded system Computing Laboratory for Real Time Automization , Wearable and Pervasive computing. Prof. Venkatesh Prasad Prof. Satish G C 2 Years 20 lac
06 CISEE Centre for training and development in cyber security. Prof. Shilpa Choudhary -- 3 Years 30L
07 CISEE Establishment of underwater Acoustic Sensor Network information systems Laboratory. Prof. Vani K -- 3 Year 30L
08 TRIP-2015-2016 Identification of Biological Specimens Using Cloud Sourcing. A.Ananda shankar -- 1 Year 40 K
09 CISEE Centre For Training and Development in Cyber Security Dr. Shilpa Shashikant Chaudhari -- -- 40 Lacs
10 CESEM Establishment of Centre of Excellence in Data Science and Engineering Dr. Mallikarjun Kodabagi -- -- 60 Lacs
11 KFIST-II Establishment of Information Processing and Big Data Analytics Laboratory Dr. Vishwanath R Hulipalled -- -- 40 Lacs
12 FDP Computational Intelligent Applications in Big Data and Smart City Dr. Sunilkumar S Manvi -- -- 2 Lacs
13 RFTP Developing a Secured Universal System for Patient Electronics Health Records Mr. Naveen Chandra Gowda -- -- 3 Lacs
14 KFIST-I Establishment of Hybrid Computing Laboratory to Create a Smart Village Dr. Sunilkumar S. Manvi -- 1 Year 20 Lacs
15 FDP FDP on Machine learning and open source tools Dr. Ashwin Kumar -- 1 Year 2 Lacs
16 KFIST-II Design and Development of Technology for smart city using cloud computing and IOT Dr. Gopal Krishna Shyam -- 1 Year 40 Lacs

Research Publications

a. Journals
  • Gopal K., S. S. Manvi, “Virtual Resource Prediction in Cloud Environment: A Bayesian Approach”, “Elsevier Journal of Network and Computer Applications”, March 2016.
  • Gopal K., S. S. Manvi, “Modeling resource virtualization concept in cloud computing environment using finite state machines",Inderscience: International Journal Cloud Computing, Vol. No. 4, Issue No.2, August 2015 pp.258 - 278 .
  • S. S. Manvi, “QoS and stability based anycast routing in MANETS”, Elsevier International Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Vol.No-39, March 2014, pp.140–151.
  • S. S. Manvi, “Regression based critical information aggregation and dissemination in VANETs: A cognitive agent approach",Elsevier Vehicular Communications, Vol.No. 1, Issue No. 4, October 2014, pp. 168–180.
  • P.V.Bhaskar Reddy, “Content Based image indexing and retrieval using directional local extrema and magnitude patterns”, Elseiver International Journal of Electronics and Communications, Vol No. 68, Issue No.7, July 2014, pp 637–643.
  • Dr.KiranKumariPatil, “Wireless technology to monitor remote patients-A survey”, Vol.No- 4, Issue No. 2, Apr 2014, pp-65-76
  • Dr.KiranKumariPatil, “Medical Alert System for Remote Health Monitoring Using Sensors and Cloud Computing” , Vol.No 03, Issue No. 04, April-2014 ,pp 884-888.
  • Dr.KiranKumariPatil, “Deploying Backup sensors for Fault Tolerance in Structural Health Monitoring” , Vol. No. 2, Issue No. 2, June 2014,pp.205-208.
  • Dr.KiranKumariPatil, “Roles Of Computer Vision, Image Processing And Pattern Recognition In Healthcare Application”, Issue- Feb 2014.
  • Sujatha.K , Dr.Udayarani.V, Dr.Vinayaka Murthy,“Mip and unsupervised clustering for the detection of brain tumor cells”, International journal of innovative research in advanced engineering, Vol No.1,Issue No-2, April 2014, pp 164-168.
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  • Kiran M, “How Reduce Side Join Part File Expressions Equal MapReduce Structure into Task Consequence, Performance” International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA),Vol. No.105, Issue No. 2,Year 2014, pp 8-15 .
  • Kiran M, “Shuffling Expressions with MapReduce Arrangements and the Role of Binary Path Symmetry”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol No. 102 Issue No.16 Year 2014, pp 23-50.
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  • Kiran M, “On The Least Economical MapReduce Sets for Summarization Expressions” , International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol No. 94,Issue No. 7 ,Year 2014, pp 13-20.
  • Kiran M ,“Asymmetric Key-Value Split Pattern Assumption over MapReduce Behavioral Model”, International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Vol.No. 86 ,Issue No.10, Year 2014,pp 30-34.
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b. Conferences
  • S. S. Manvi, “Analysis of acoustic channel in underwater sensor networks”, Proc.2015 IEEE International Advanced Computing Conference, Bengaluru, India, ,June 2015
  • G. K. Shyam, S. S. Manvi, “Efficient resource allocation in cloud computing using users and providers agent”, IEEE International Advanced Computing Conference, Bengaluru, India, 2015.
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  • Nimrita Koul and Dr. S.S.Manvi A Proposed Model for Neural Translation of Sanskrit into English11th IEEE IndiaCom-International Conference on Sustainable Computing
  • Nimrita Koul Portrayal of Sita and other Women in Devdut Patnaik’s writingsInternational Conference on Literature

Thrust Areas of Research

Primary Research Areas includes:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Networks
  • Big Data and Data Mining
  • Image Processing
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Software Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Sensor Networks
  • Embedded Systems & VLSI
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks
Research and Innovation
Office of Research and Innovation,
REVA University, Rukmini Knowledge Park Kattigenahalli, Yelahanka,
Bangalore – 560 064
Karnataka, India
+91-80-6622 6622
+91 9448809443

Faculty/Research scholars pursuing research

Name Title of research University
Sarvamangala DR Computational Intelligence approaches for healthcare applications VTU
Venkatesh Prasad K. S. Simulation of Battery Management System Kuvempu
Ashwin Kumar N An Algorithm for Decision Making using Medical Data VTU
Ananda Shankar A Opinionand Trust based Collaborative Decision Making Model for Healthcare VTU
Meenakshi Sundaram A Automatic Detection of Forgedareasinafictious Image For Deformation Application VTU
Mylara Reddy C Performance Evaluation of Fault Tolerance Techniques in Cloud Computing VTU
Gopal Krishna Shyam Investigation of CBIR Algorithms for Medical Images and Application using Multidimensional Features RU
Dheeraj P Classification of Yliomain Human Brain using MR images VTU
Kiran M Information Theoretic Modeling of Map Reduce Design Expressions RU
Vani K Information dissemination in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks RU
Sujatha K Security for sensitive information in big data analytics RU
Chaithra M. H. A Robust FrameWork For Novel Authentication Policy for strengthening the privacy standards in Cloud Based Services VTU
Sheelavathy K. V. Malicious code detection in DATAMINING RU
Bindushree D C    
Nikhil S. Tengli    
Rathan M Efficient algorithms and models for spatial and web applications using predictive analytics RU
Shobha Biradar Design and Development of new Techniques for coverage and connectivity in WSN VTU
Ravishankar H Investigation on evolutionary Scheduling algorithm for Provisioning QoS on 802.16c tactical network VTU
Lithin K Investigation of novel Techniques for Signal transmission in Wearable wireless networks VTU
Ambika B. J Path Restoration in MPLS Networks – A Fast Recovery Method using Graph Algorithm RU
Supreeth S Investigation on Virtual Machines in Cloud Computing Environment VTU
Sheelavathi KV Content based behavioral approach for malicious code detection in data mining RU
Akram Pasha Computational Intelligence and Big Data VTU
Salma Banu NK Prediction of Heart Disease using Data Mining and Big Data Analytics VTU
Lalitha. L Sentiment Analysis RU
Anusha M Meti Classification of web pages using text minning(Full time scholar) RU
Ahelam Soft computing based approaches for classification of medical data Full time scholar) -