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Research in Management Studies

Research in Management Studies

List of Guides & their expertise Name of Research Guide Email ID Research Interests
1. Dr. P. Narayan Reddy Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Disruptive Innovations in Management
2. Dr. Shinu Abhi Leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing
3. Dr. M.M.Bagali Industrial Socialiology, Applied Psychology, Management Practices and Human Resources
4. Dr. Subhashree Kar Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, Human Resources Management
5. Dr. Veena Angadi Human resources management
6. Dr. Vani Ramesh Human Resources management, consumer behavior
7. Dr. Ruchi Gupta Financial Management, Financial services, Investment Management and Costing

Research Facilities

The main objective of the Research initiatives in the School of Commerce and Management is to develop a conducive research and innovation oriented environment. The facilities available in the school to enable the research guides and scholars devote their time and efforts into inventing new thoughts, concepts and SMART business strategies are:

Business Lab

A business lab is created in the school of commerce and management with appropriate tools and resources for research and innovation. The business lab has well maintained computer systems with updated tools and software to enable statistical data analysis and data modeling. The systems have tools like SPSS and Advanced Microsoft Excel to enable such business analytical work


REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) works in close co-operation with the School of Commerce and Management to build relationships with the Industry. Industry interactions and collaborations enable the research guides and scholars to acquire first hand information from the corporate for up-to date research and innovations, analyze and develop SMART business strategies. Industry collaborations have enabled the research group in our School to build various real-life case studies on various well-known business of India Inc.

Details of Guides and Co-guide allotted for Ph. D. Scholars

Sl.No. Discipline Registration Number  Name of The Candidate Name of the Internal  Name of the External Guide Topic
Batch - I        
1 Management Studies R14PMS01 Srinidhi Parthasarathy K. Dr.P.N.Reddy Dr. Rajeshwara Rao “Design of a Sustainable Quality Management Model for Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMES) Based an ‘Bhagavad Gita”
3 Management Studies R14PMS04 Sucharita Suresh Dr.Shubhasree kar Dr.Rashmi Kodical “Antecedents and Consequences of Work Life Balance: A Study With Reference to Female Doctors”
4 Management Studies R14PMS05 Sweta Pan Dcunha Dr.Veena Angadi Dr.Vijay Kumar “Evaluation of Service Quality and its Effect on Patient Satisfaction & Behavioral Intentions – A Study of Public & Private Hospitals in Dakshina Karnada District”
5 Management Studies R14PMS06 Neella Bhargava Dr.Shinu  Dr.geetha.M.Rajaram “Impact of social media and online marketing on consumer behavior & decision making process”: a study of Indian consumers”
6 Management Studies R14PMS07 Nalina R Dr.P.N.Reddy Dr. Mahesha. K, “Process of Learning Organization and Knowledge Management Practices That Reinforces Organizational Competitive Advantage: An Analytical Study With Reference to Selected Manufacturing and IT Companies in SME Sector of Bengaluru”
7 Management Studies R14PMS08 Sreerangan  V.R. Dr.Shinu  Dr.Y.Rajaram “Management of Lean Manufacturing Practices  in Aviation Industry (With an Exploratory Study an HAL, Bangalore)”
8 Management Studies R14PMS09 Himal Bhattrai Dr.Shinu  Dr. U M Premalatha “Corporate Governance and  its Impact on Performance of Private Sector Banks: A Relative Study on Indian and Nepalese Banks”
9 Management Studies R14PMS10 Mahalakshmi V Dr.P.N.Reddy Prof.Geetha m.Rajaram “Impact of Corporate Governance on  Listed Public Sector Undertakings and Private Sector Undertakings in India: A Comparative Study”
10 Management Studies R14PMS11 Murali Krishna Dr.Shubhasree kar dr.Gurubasava Aradhya Retail Atmospherics on Consumers for FMCG Products-An empirical study on impulsive buying behavior in Selected Super markets in Bangalore
11 Management Studies R14PMS12 Nitu Bose Dr.Shubhasree kar Prof.Geetha m.Rajaram “Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Decision Making Behaviour of Indian Professionals Within on Affective Model of Emotional Labor and Dissonance: An Analytical Study”
12 Management Studies R14PMS13 Shakeela Banu C Dr.Raghavendra Dr. Raju R Gondkar “Determinants for adoption of information and communications technology (ICT)-based market information services for marketing Agricultural outputs: An analytical study of Gauribidanur taluk Chickballapur District of Karnataka”
13 Management Studies R14PMS14 Sandhya N Dr.Raghavendra Dr.grubasava Aradhya Not Submitted
Batch - II        
1 Management Studies R15PMS01 A SELVARAJ Dr.Vani Ramesh - Not Submitted
2 Management Studies R15PMS02 ANURADHA BHUSHAN Dr.Raghavendra Dr. Triveni P. Study of the Impact of Venture Investment on Long term Sustainability of A Firm Post venture Capitalist Exit
3 Management Studies R15PMS03 ARJUN S BHAT - Dr.U.N.Lakshman Not Submitted
4 Management Studies R15PMS04 ARPITA SASTRI Subhasri kar Dr. Krishna Chandra Mishra A study on assesment of Employee Engagement using Utrecht work Engagement (UWES) Scale Frame work among BPO Employees
5 Management Studies R15PMS05 G SATYARANAYAN REDDY  Dr.Raghavendra Dr. R. Seetha Rama Rao DISCONTINUE
6 Management Studies R15PMS06 IMRAN BASHIR Dr.raghavendra Dr. Mir Parvez A, IUST,J  & K Study of Supply chain mangement on dry Fruits in Kashmir 'Case Study on Walnut'
7 Management Studies R15PMS07 R  ARVIND KUMAR Dr.Raghavendra Dr.geetha.M.Rajaram Efficacy of strategic Leadership on Technology and Innovation: An Exploratory Study of Startup Business in Bangalore 
8 Management Studies R15PMS08 RESHMA M P.N.Reddy Dr. Lalith Achoth, KVAFSU Temporal changes in Demand and Supply of Live Stock Products in Karnataka-Strategies to Bridge the GAP
9 Management Studies R15PMS09 ROHINI B V  Dr.Shinu  Dr. Kamala Suganthi S Future workforce trends and challenges in retirement' with special Reference in to IT Sector.
10 Management Studies R15PMS10 MADHU SUDHAN S subhasri kar Dr. H Nagaraj A Study on GAPS Between Employer expectations and employee capabilities in IT Industry
11 Management Studies R15PMS11 SANDEEP HANASOGE NAGARAJA Dr.Shinu  Dr. Geetha M Rajaram "A study of Globalization Strategies of Selected Small and Medium sized Enterprises in Emerging and Advanced Economics with special reference to India, China and Germany"
12 Management Studies R15PMS12 SHASHI KANTHA REDDY Y Dr.Shubhasree kar Dr. Geetha M Rajaram Blue Ocean Strategies in Higher Educational Institutions (HEI'S) - A case Study of private Universities in Karnataka
13 Management Studies R15PMS13 SIBA PRASAD SARANGI Dr.Veena Angadi Dr. Krishna Chandra Mishra Title of the proposal Consumer Affinity towards the Modern Retail malls -A Study with special reference to Hypermarkets in Bangalore City
14 Management Studies R15PMS14 SOMASHEKAR J M  Dr.Raghavendra Dr. S Kamala Suganthi Title of the proposal A study on Multidimenssional analysis of Organizational Citizenship Behavior with special reference to Bank Employees at bangalore
15 Management Studies R15PMS15 VINOD KRISHNA M U Dr.Ruchi gupta Dr.U.N.Lakshman (Tenative) An Enquiry into the problems and prospects of pursuing personal Finance Planning (PFP) as a proffession in India with special Reference to Bangalore city
16 Management Studies R15PMS16 YATHISHA M R - Dr. G V Sreenivasa Murthy Discontinue
17 Management Studies R15PMS17 CHAYA DEVI S Dr.ruchi Gupta - Not Submitted

Research Publications

a. Journals
International Journal publications
    • Prof.P.Narayana Reddy: Impulsive buying behaviour tendencies in Developing Markets: With special reference to Demographic Characteristics of Consumers (A preliminary Study) international Journal of Engineering Technology, management and Applied Sciences.Sept.2015 vol.3,issue,ISSN 2349-447
    • Dr.Veena, A propel study of performance Management an NGO A case study of Akshaya Patra International Journal of Engineering Technology & Management & Applied Sciences Vol 2 Issue 3,August 2014.ISSN2349 4476 1.38
    • Chithambar Gupta V & Dr.M.Hampanna, "Franchising Business Model: An experience from the Indian Retail Industry", International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review (IJBARR), Volume – 2, Issue – 1, pp.36 – 41, 2016.
    • Kar, Subhasree and Mishra, K.C.(2013)."Nexus between Work Life Balance Practices and Employee Retention – The Mediating Effect of a Supportive Culture", Asian Social Science, ,Vol-9, Issue-11,pp- 63-69.
    • Kar, Subhasree (2013)."Psychometric – An Assessment Tool for Strategic HRM", Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol- III, Issue- 10, pp-44-49.
    • Kar, Subhasree (2011)."Balancing Work and Life in IT Sector: A Study on IBM Initiation" in Proficient –An International Journal of Management, Vol-3, Issue-VI, pp-32-41.
    • Ghosh, Nitu & Rajaram, Geetha (2016).Published paper on " Developing Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs: The role of Entrepreneurship Development Programs" in the South Asian Journal of Management, AMDISA, Vol 22, Issue no.4, Oct-December-2015, ISSN: 0971-5428
    • Ghosh, Nitu. (2015). Impact of Emotional Intelligence on the Relative Competitiveness of Educationists: A requisite for Quality Education in India. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention. 4 (1), 7-16, p-issn: 2319-7714, e-issn: 2319-7722
    • Ghosh, Nitu. (2013). Workplace spirituality- a tool to increase organizational emotional quotient. International Journal of research in management sciences, IASTER Publications, 1(2), ISSN Print: 2347-8780, ISSN Online: 2347-5943
    • Shinu Abhi,"A new white revolution – Case study of a social entrepreneur" South Asian Journal of Management (SAJM) Vol.20.4 (Oct-Dec 2013).
b. National Journals
    • Kar, Subhasree (2012)."Knowledge Management Practices in Software Companies" in Industrial Engineering Journal, Volume – VI, No-1, pp-37-40.
    • Mohanty, Kalyani and Kar, Subhasree (2012)."Achieving Innovation and Success -Organizational Learning." In SCM journal of Management, Volume IX, No- 1, January-March Issue 2012, pp- 36-42.
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    • Kar, Subhasree (2015) "Exploring the HRD Climate in Indian IT Companies"- Indian Journal of Training and Development, Volume-45, Issue-1,pp-66-75.
    • Kar, Subhasree (2014)."Management Education from Stakeholders Viewpoint", academe- Journal of UGC –Academic Staff College ,Himachal Pradesh University Summer Hill , Volume-17, Issue-1, pp-59-62.
    • Kar, Subhasree (2014)."Ethical Leadership: Best Practice for Success", IOSR Journal of Business and Management, Special Issue on Innovative Management Strategies ,PP 112-116
    • Chithambar Gupta V & Dr.M.Hampanna, 'Franchisor-franchisee relationship – An exploratory study in the Indian scenario', SHODHADITYA Research Journal, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp.1 – 10, 2015.
    • Shivsharana, Human Resource information systems a tool for organisation development
    • Excellent Practices in the role of HR in a Competitive Economy in International Conference on Excellence in Mangement practices ( ICEMP)
    • HR Challenges in Developing Nations in international Conference on India Inc: challenges and Opportunities at Don Bosco Institute of Management Studies
    • Paper presented on Survey of Enterprise Data Mining and Related Applications in Real World in International Conference on Swarm, Evolutionary and Memetec Computing Conference ( NFancoo at ANITS, Visakhapatnam
    • Prof VeenaVisual merchandise of mobile retail in India Bizcraft ISSN2231-0231sept12 Vol.6 No2ISSN
    • Prof. Veena Performance Management In an NGO GLOBUS 0975-721x Vol-4 No 2(s)Jan Jun 2013 ISSN
    • Dr Veena A propel study of performance Management an NGO A case study of Akshaya Patra Discovery Journal (in VOL 52, ISSUE 242 | Pages 182-480 | February 1, 2016 ISSN No: 2278-5450)
c. Book Publications:
    • Nirmala,M , Kar ,Subhasree and Aruljyoti ( 2015) .Managerial Research Methods, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai.
    • Sudarkodi, P., Ghosh, Bose Nitu & Singh, Sneha (2016), "Workplace ethics and value systems", Bonfring Publications, 1, 27-95.
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d. Publications in Conference Proceedings and Journals:
  • "A Strategic Look: The Genesis of 'Human Capital Management' in the National Seminar on "Human Resource Management to Human Capital Management: A Paradigm Shift"organized by P.G.Department of PM & IR, Utkal University Bhubaneswar on May 14th and 15th 2016.
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  • Chithambar Gupta V , "Mentoring and Counseling – Need of the hour in Higher Education" at the National level Conference on "New Paradigm of Competitiveness – Positioning Management Education for Challenges of Tomorrow" conducted at CMR Institute of Management studies, Bangalore.
  • International Conference: Chithambar Gupta V , "An Exploratory Study of Franchisor Inputs to Franchisees in Retail Franchising" at the "International Conference on Sustain, Transform & Transcend" held on 7th & 8th August 2014, at PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore.
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  • .
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  • Veena Angadi Dr.Shiva Shankar k A leverage Study on Emerging Trends with Vigour to unleash the power of service sector.A case study of Mandar regency of Dharwad A study of social Networking websites (SNWs)and its advent as the New order of Infrastructure
  • Dr.Veena, Role of RAPID in making women sustainable Economic Develop 9th CIMC CENTRAL INDIA MANAGEMENT CONCLAVE (CIMC-16) on"Era of Skill Development : Inspire, Innovate , Integrate" NAGPUR
  • Dr Veena, Role of RAPID in making women sustainable Economic Development Shiv Shakti International Journal in Multidisciplinary & Academic Research.
  • Dr Veena, Role of RAPID in making women sustainable Economic Development PEZZOTTAITE JOURNALS

Thrust Areas of Research

The main focal areas of the research and innovations in the School of Commerce and Management are Leadership and Entrepreneurship. We have special initiatives to design novel interventions and models on current trends in leadership and entrepreneurship development. With this motive we have also extended our efforts into enhancing the activities of our Entrepreneurship Development Cell with special Entrepreneurship Development Programs been designed to motivate and mould our graduates as future entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We have focused our attention on creating a special network for Start-ups in order to enhance our research culture in that direction

Research and Innovation
Office of Research and Innovation,
REVA University, Rukmini Knowledge Park Kattigenahalli, Yelahanka,
Bangalore – 560 064
Karnataka, India
+91-80-6622 6622
+91 9448809443

Faculty/Research scholars pursuing research

There are around 49 research scholars enrolled in the School of Commerce and management in two successive batches. Around 16 faculty are pursuing their PhD and a few of them have shortly submitted their thesis

Workshops/Conferences conducted

Apart from the regular PhD course work offered for 6 months to the PhD enrolled research scholars in the School of Commerce and Management by eminent experts from the Academia and Industry, the School has organized various workshops and conferences in the last one year. Workshops on 'R' and SPSS tools has been offered to all research scholars.

A National Conference on "Disruptive Innovations in Businesses Lessons from Industry and B schools"

A National Conference on "Disruptive Innovations in Businesses: Lessons from Industry and B schools'' has been organized on the 29th- 30th of January, 2016. It was a two-day conference with more than 80 paper presentations by delegates and researchers from all over India. Experts from Academia and Industry were the keynote speakers. Dr. Ravi Kumar, IIM-Bangalore was the Keynote speaker and various entrepreneurs as well as corporates were Key Note speakers in the Two Day conference.

MOU with Industry/R&D organizations

School of Commerce and Management has various MOUs and collaborations with the industry in order to enable high quality and genuine research in business, commerce and management. A few of them are mentioned as follows:

  • DATAWISE as Knowledge Partner for Programs in Business Analytics in order to enable research on modern issues
  • ARTHAVIDYA as Knowledge dissemination and Enhanced Skill Development Partner