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Vice-Chancellor’s Message

The dynamics of higher education across the globe are changing rapidly and are increasingly becoming a collaboration of academic disciplines with practical experiences. Interactive learning, bridging disciplines and facilitating learners to gain different competencies through judicious management of time is viewed as one of the greatest and fascinating priorities and challenges today. Research indicates that India would soon be amongst the youngest nations in the world. With nearly 140 million people in the college-going age group, one in every four graduates in the world will be a product of the Indian higher education system. In such a predicted scenario, quality-assured higher education and knowledge-based economy are a crucial part of the foundation pillars for the progress of our country.

Subsequent to the knowledge sector’s boom, an enabling academic sector is the core vision for the progress of the nation. As an esteemed institution contributing to this vision, REVA University believes in establishing a well planned system of knowledge gathering and sharing. Using dynamic methods for day to day teaching and constantly adapting to the ever evolving learning patterns of today’s students is what would make this journey exciting and promising.

We believe in enabling students to exercise their liberal thinking ability and choose beyond a standard course pattern. This is perfectly demonstrated by REVA University’s Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and the Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP), which allow students to add on subjects of their choice above their existing graduate or post graduate course subjects. Providing the opportunity for students to earn additional credits that can convert into Proficiency Certificates and Diplomas sets REVA’s offerings apart.

REVA University provides multifaceted opportunities to students in the form of graduate and postgraduate courses in Engineering, Architecture, Law, Commerce and Management Studies, Science and Technology and Arts and Humanities. Our ambition is to help create a student body that can contribute to the global community going forward. And at REVA University we do this through a curriculum and pedagogy developed with a balanced combination of international perspective, professional and industrial input, technological adoptions and an incorrigible stress on Quality, above all.

On this note, I encourage you to enter into the portals of REVA, experience excellent learning facilities, expand your knowledge horizon through novel program contents and engrave enriching career paths.

Dr. V. G. Talawar

Vice-Chancellor, REVA University