Central library

The REVA University Central Library is located in the heart of the campus and is housed in an independent building with a carpet area of 3,316 Sq. mtrs. The air-conditioned library has a seating capacity of 800. It possesses a huge collection of books and journals in both print and e-form.
The University has implemented RFID to verify the inventory, accurate shelving and check items coming in and going out of the library. It provides the easiest and fastest way to locate and systematise the library materials,and automated check-in and checkout.

Library Vision

The REVA University Central Library is engaged in knowledge dissemination recognising the importance of higher education learning. The full-fledged digitalised library is equipped withthe digital mode of services to encourage learning and research innovation. It keeps a digital repository of library materials to preserve the intellectual output and meet the requirements of present and future generation of students, researchers and faculty members.

Library Mission

To provide continuous access to information for the students and faculty members of the University to facilitate and achieve teaching, learning and research excellence in higher education.