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The Academic Council and Internal Quality Assurance Cell of REVA University determine the academic quality and standards.  The main objective of maintaining Academic Regulations is to offer the highest educational standards possible to the University students and to preserve the interests of staff and students of REVA University. 

The Academic Quality and Standards reflect the commitment of the University to provide excellent teaching, learning and research experience. The AC and IQAC:

•    Check the quality and standards of education provided at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph.D. level to enhance the academic experience of the students
•    Take appropriate action to meet the quality standards at each level
•    Scrutinise the proposals for improving existing programmes and conduct industry research to check whether the suggestions can be implemented
•    Maintain policies, regulations and best practices of the University
•    Give proper support to faculties throughout the process of periodic review, programme evaluation and programme modifications
•    Ensure that admissions are taking place based on the merit and aptitude 
•    Provide faculty orientation for qualified teachers to train them with up-to-date knowledge of teaching methods and industry skills
•    Ensure whether latest instructional and laboratory facilities are provided.
•    Ensure the compliance of regulations with governing and regulatory bodies