Research Areas

Electronics and Communications MEMS; Nano Electronics, Cognitive Radio, Underwater Wireless Communications, Aviation Electronics, VLSI
Computing and Information Technology Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Software Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Networks, Data Analysis, Healthcare, Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks, VLSI & Embedded Systems, IOT
Mechanical Engineering Bio-fuels, emission study of engines, Nano technology for coatings, composites, vibration analysis, and virtual lab
Civil Engineering Innovative Concretes Reinforced Earth, Special Foundations, and Liquefaction Resistance of Soils
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electric Vehicle, ultra capacitor applications in EV, Multilevel inverter applications, Battery Management system, Micro Grid, LED lightings, Renewable Energy Sources and active filter
Management Studies Strategic leadership and innovative entrepreneurship, Functional development management, Managing technology and innovation, Resources management and sustainable development, corporate responsibilities, Ethics and accountability
Legal Studies Cyber Security, Juvenile justice, Medicinal law, Human rights, IPR
Arts & Humanities Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies, Feminism, English Language Teaching (ELT), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Culture Studies
Applied Sciences Organic Chemistry Electrochemical synthesis, ultra capacitors, Polymers, composites, nano materials and crystallography; Bio Control technologies, anti-inflammatory copounds cardio vascular dieses, synthesis of compounds and plant bio chemistry; Material science, semiconductor thin films and nuclear physics;  Goal programming, graph theory image processing, queing theory, Fuzzy modeling, fluid dynamics and finsler geometry
Performing Arts Evolution, development of Indian classical dances - Study of cultural, socio- religious, socio- political and ritualistic aspects of all the classical dance forms of India, Indian Aesthetics- Rasa Siddhanta, Ancient, medieval and modern history of classical and folk dances, Dance Pedagogy for visually impaired dancers, Dance manual in stone- study of dance sculptures and figurines