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May 8, 2018
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10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid

If you have completed your high school education, you must be thinking to narrow down a list of potential colleges based on your interest and stream. It is a stressful time for a student while applying for colleges and preparing for entrance exams. You have to be very careful when you are filling the college admission application as a single silly mistake can sabotage your opportunity of getting into your dream college. During such a critical time, students end up making obvious college application mistakes that are listed down below.

  1. Failing to read instructions

Students are in a hurry to fill their college applications, hence, they do not read the instructions and misunderstand directions. When asked for contact details of their parents, they provide their own in the wrong column.

  1. Forgetting to proofread

Revise and proofread your application form before hitting the submit button as your one mistake can crush your college dreams. Ask your parents, siblings or any adult also to proofread the application.

  1. Applying on the last day

Students think they can send in their applications on the last day and assume that it will be transmitted and received. However, colleges always keep a track of the timeline when students are sending the applications and when they see a student has waited for the last day to submit, it reflects negatively on their profile. Admission officers find such students lazy and laidback.

  1. Leaving out significant information

You cannot leave out crucial information such as the socio-economic background of your parents, their annual income and qualifications or if you belong to army background or any other vital piece of information that might save your application from getting rejected.

  1. Signing on the wrong side

Some students make a mistake in signing their application in the inappropriate location. Ensure that you sign where it is required on all the parts of the application, paper and online.

  1. Submitting the application with missing documents

More than 80% of college applications get rejected because students fail to send all the required documents to process their application. Read the instructions carefully and make a note of all the necessary documents that a college or university requires. These documents usually include your high school transcripts, qualification degrees, or bank receipts of the application fee, application form, etc.

  1. Forgetting to pay the application fee

Do not get confused between application fee and admission fee. Students need to pay the application fee online and attach the bank receipt along with the application form and other documents whereas admission fee is tuition fee that comes into the picture when you get an admission at the college.

  1. Putting the wrong address while sending the application

In case of sending the application through the offline mode, students put the incorrect address, pin code, postage on the application. It is recommended to check with the college authorities if they have received your application.

  1. Making errors with education loan

Before filling the application, check with the college if they have the facility of education loan or if they have tie-ups with some banks. Do not rush into it and consider all the prospects before submitting the form. Remember, your education loan won’t cover living costs such as accommodation, travel, etc.

  1. Avoid using the personal email address

Students often commit a common error on college application by using their personal email address for correspondence. If your email address is, it is surely going to leave a negative impression. Thus, keep it simple and professional and create a separate email account using your name.

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