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10 Things to Add to your Bucket List in College

Who doesn’t have a bucket list? And that too when you are in the best four years of your life. Those four years are filled with overwhelming assignments and exams, an unlimited amount of coffee and Maggie noodles, everlasting friendships, a lot of partying and too much of pressure to get placed. While it is important to attend lectures and study, you can experience the real beauty of your college life once you step out of your hostel room. Soon you will get busy with your 9-to-5 job, so get out there and make the best out of your college life. If you need some motivation on how to enjoy your undergraduate life to the fullest, here are some fun ideas to add to your college bucket list.

  1. Start a club

Is there anything you are passionate about and is missing from your college campus? Start a club and invite people to join. It will not only look great on your resume but will also help you meet likeminded people who share the same interest.

  1. Get to know a professor

Pick your favorite professor and stay after class or go to office hours to interact. Build a professional relationship with your professor and learn about your field from the expert. Your professor can also be your reference for future jobs.

  1. Apply for an internship

You can apply for an internship irrespective of the fact you are a fresher or a senior. An internship will expose you to the real world and help you gain professional skills. Practice networking and get better at writing resumes and cover letters.

  1. Attend a concert

From big music artists to local bands, you will find lots of musical performances going on in your city. Book tickets and attend a concert of your favorite musician on student discount or see your friend’s band performing and have a blast.

  1. Participate in a 5K marathon

Talk to your friends or check Facebook – there are so many interesting 5K options where you can participate. Whether it is for breast cancer awareness or any other cause, you will end up having fun while shedding some calories.

  1. Write for a college magazine

If you love creative writing, contribute to your college’s literary magazine and submit a short story or poem. Even if you are not a writer, you can write an Op-Ed on any topic you are passionate about and express your ideas while getting noticed.

  1. Volunteer

Whether you want to spend your Sunday at an animal shelter or want to visit an old-age home, volunteering is an excellent way to serve the community. Become a part of any volunteering activity and feel good about yourself.

  1. Take a class for enjoyment

You will be caught up in those important classes you need to attend in order to graduate and will be loaded with too many assignments. Try to make some room for a few major or minor courses and enroll in a fun, interesting class that you will enjoy, such as a theatre workshop or a story-telling session.

  1. Go to a themed party

While it is fun to attend college fests and tournaments, a themed party will give you a different experience. From the numerous opportunities, your college will present you, a themed party could be one of them. Get all decked up in your favorite avatar and have fun with your besties.

  1. Travel with your friends

You won’t get this time back,so try to make the most of it. Pack your bags and head to the closest beach or trek to the nearby hills with your friends. Travel cheap and explore the nearby tourist spots. Go for a hike if you are an adventurous traveler and enjoy the natural beauty.

While these above ideas can help you live your college life to the fullest, do not restrict yourself to these 10 experiences and explore other ideas that you are passionate about. Get out of your comfort zone, experiment with new thingsand start checking off items from your bucket list.

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