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January 16, 2019
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10 ways to make friends in college

Leaving behind your childhood friends and moving to college might often make students anxious, however, when you enroll in a college, you need to have a social circle so that you do not feel homesick. Here are top 10 ways to make friends in college:

  1. Visit the campus to get a head start

Check with your college if they organize any orientation program or information workshops before the regular classes begin. In case there is such a provision, make sure you attend them so that you can meet students who are opting for the same program.

  1. Go on a campus tour

In case you are not able to attend the orientation program, check with the admission department and request for a campus tour before your program commences. This will enable you to become familiar with the campus and let you know about the popular social spaces.

  1. Check their social media platforms

Once you have enrolled in college, make sure you check all the social media pages and accounts. Some college departments also have their own Facebook pages as well as groups which you can join and even get a chance to connect with your classmates. You will also get to know about any upcoming events that you can plan on participating.

  1. Participate actively in freshmen events

Every college organizes a plethora of freshmen events to ensure that the first-year students mingle with each other. Participate as much as you can in these freshmen events to get to know your classmates better and make new friends.

  1. Initiate a conversation with your roommates

Becoming friends with people residing in your hostel is great. All you must do is to say hello to the ones around you to know them better. Whether you meet someone in the recreational room or cafeteria, do not hesitate to introduce yourself to them.

  1. Spend time on campus

If you are not staying in the hostel, spend some of your idle time on campus to be aware of and participate in a wide array of activities. Spend time with your friends, seniors and juniors so that you do not have any problem in making any friends on campus.

  1. Work on your assignments in social spaces

Whenever you get a chance, work on your assignments in common areas which will also help you in socializing and become friends with your project partners or seniors who can guide you.

  1. Find an on-campus job

Getting a job on-campus will give you new opportunities to meet people. Once you become friends with them by meeting them one-on-one, you would earn more respect in your social circle whether you are working as the librarian’s assistant or in the Chemistry laboratory under the supervision of a professor.

  1. Get involved

Make sure that you are a part of college activities as much as possible. Whether it is a football game or an art exhibition, while chances are that you might not want to go there but you should understand that such events have an immense social value attached to them.

  1. Be approachable

It is important to keep in mind to be friendly with people. If you appear approachable, chances are that more number of people will stop by to say a warm hello to you. So, smile and make eye contact with people more often.

Following the above ways, you can easily make some very good friends in college who will also be your support system and you would not have any anxiety bothering you in a room full of people. If you are an introvert, to get the ball rolling might be a tricky task, however, it is not impossible. It might take some time for you to open up with new people but stay approachable without being over enthusiastic, most importantly stay yourself, the right friends will come along.

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