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June 5, 2018
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5 Best Time Management Apps for Students

As a student, you are juggling with so many tasks – classes, assignments, social activities, exams, quizzes, family – it can get overwhelming to keep a track of all the things and stay organized. From making notes to preparing to-do lists, from scheduling tasks to studying for exams, you have to meet your deadlines and deliver the best. However, it gets too much, and you end up with too much of workload, thinking there aren’t enough hours in a day. How do you make sure you are efficient and productive in your college life? Thankfully, technology and a large number ofapps are here to save the day. With these apps, you can easily boost memory and brain power, stay focused, sharpen your communication and organizational skills, and manage time efficiently. Here is a list of 5freely available Android apps to help you keep a track of your deadlines and achieve your goals as you focus on your studies.


Available on both computer and mobile, this app allows you to assemble notes, ideas, or thoughts in one place across many devices, making it easier to locate your assignments or plans in just one click. If you are reading anything or watching a video on your phone, Evernote lets you save it so that you can access it anytime you want. It won’t let you forget your ideas as you can write it anytime and can come back to it on any device.


Organize your projects you are currently working on through lists or boards that are customizable by you or others with whom you are working, thus making it easier to delegate tasks in group assignments. One of the best productivity apps, Trello allows you to keep separate lists for individual tasks on your to-do list such as the ones you have completed and the ones you are doing now.

Focus Booster

Designed after Pomodoro technique, Focus Booster allows you to break up your schedule into manageable chunks. Working as a stopwatch or timer, the app helps you to split up your study or revision sessions with a considerable number of small breaks in order to keep you refreshed and productive. You can easily track the number of hours you have spent on a certain topic and analyze your activity on the dashboard.


With an innovative and sharp interface, 30/30 is a modern and fast-paced version of Focus Booster. You can set timers to complete your particular tasks. It is completely swipe and gesture-based and lets you divide your schedule into 30-minute time period with much-needed breaks in between. Using its comprehensive dashboard that shows the completion time for each task, you can get a clear idea how long it takes you to accomplish certain tasks.


Touted as the “the world’s favorite task management app”, Any.do comes with an easy-to-use and clean interface that allows you to create and store your to-do lists, events, reminders, and notes. You can also collaborate with others for group projects and assign tasks, share attachments, and many more. This time management app works easily on various platforms, making it easier to switch from phone to laptop.

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