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March 29, 2018
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May 7, 2018

5 Most Valuable Things You Will Learn at REVA University

5 Most Valuable Things You Will Learn at REVA University

REVA University encourages its students to self-reflect and learn about themselves. It pushes them to discover what they are passionate about and determine their best qualities. How to embrace change and build your self-confidence are some of the few things students learn here at the university. While students acquire a multitude of things at REVA University, they also have the opportunities to prepare themselves for the job life. Classroom education may surely give you the knowledge to advance your career, but these 5 valuable life lessons that you will learn at REVA University will go far beyond in shaping your career.

  1. Time Management

Prioritizing tasks on a regular basis during the college life will help you streamline work when you start working. While you have exams to prepare for, assignment deadlines to meet, some students also juggle through part-time and freelancing jobs. With academics work and non-academic activities, you will learn to manage your time and prioritize your work. Learn to set goals and time limits so that you can utilize your time effectively.

  1. Adaptability

Students of REVA University know how to embrace change and adapt to new situations. Being resilient helps in gaining employment in a fast-paced corporate world. We advocate comfort for students who move away from their home to pursue their studies. For times when things do not turn out the way we expect, we instill confidence in students to pick themselves up to accept, adapt, and appreciate the changes.

  1. Teamwork

Group activities and assignments make students adaptable to various personalities while making them understand to accommodate diverse perspectives. We encourage students to collaborate on group presentations, projects, planning and hosting cultural and other events, participation in various student clubs, etc. foster better productivity when multiple genius minds come together. Working in a team also allow students to discover their best qualities to achieve their objectives.

  1. Leadership

We know that students need to be trained beyond classrooms. Understanding the need for strong leaders in the corporate world, we help students to build character by taking up leadership roles. Students here take on prominent roles in student clubs, activities, competitions, community and others and develop leadership qualities through action. Our students stand out from others by displaying their effective leadership skills essential for any organization to progress.

  1. Confidence

We believe in giving them a chance to explore their interests and discover what they are capable of. Getting to know your hidden talents always build a level of confidence. When students try to conquer challenging tasks and learn to express their thoughts in various discussions and presentations, their confidence grows. We constantly reward them for their achievements, even if it is a small accomplishment to create a sense of positive reinforcement.

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