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5 Things You Can Do for Your Country as The Youth – Republic Day Special

Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Young people are also discerning and hence, volunteer to serve the nation not just to add it to their resume but also because they want to make a difference by such small deeds. The top five things which the youth can do to serve their country are listed below:

1. Volunteer
Volunteering can indeed be a great experience. Numerous NGOs are coming up with different volunteering projects with the aim of helping communities. The ideal way to start volunteering for serving the country is to start in your local community and see where your help is required. Whether it is teaching children at a local school or taking up any conservation work, volunteering can help make a real difference.

2. Reach others through social media
Reaching out to millions at the same time has been made possible with the rise in different social media platforms. Thus, even a small hashtag can go viral on Twitter and create awareness among the masses. Another wonderful option to increase your outreach is by expressing your thoughts on online publications and writing for news portals such as local newsletters.

3. Participate in online campaigns
If there is an ongoing issue close to your heart, then you must be a part of online campaigns. Find an online campaign that corresponds to the issue you are willing to work for and avail the opportunity to put in your efforts towards the cause. There are always some global campaigns happening such as banning plastic bags. You can implement the same campaign locally.

4. Join a youth organization

Whether it is about keeping your city clean or joining an NGO like MAD (Make a Difference), being an active member of a youth organization can help you expand your horizon and knowledge. Not only can you help people but also inspire others to follow your lead. If you think your society does not have an organization that represents your ideas, come forward and create one. There is no harm in being a trendsetter.

5. Inspiring young people

One of the most brilliant ways to make a difference is to encourage others to join a youth organization. Inspire and teach young people to take responsibilities and volunteer for a social cause. Various organizations and charities recruit youngsters and motivate them to get involved to take up a role as an ambassador. Similarly, you can ask young people to join your campaign or organization to raise awareness for a social cause. Assign them the role of change agents or ambassadors and help them transform their ideas into reality.

With youth engagement and participation, we can bring some significant social changes in the country that are mostly overlooked. Therefore, do not wait and become an active member of an organization or launch a campaign that supports a social cause. As the youth, your opinion matters and make sure it is heard.

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