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Sometimes in maintaining a balance between college and personal life, students tend to ignore their health. While some college students think it is not so important to stay fit, building healthy habits early on in college life can help them prevent illness throughout their lives. Here are some five essential tips for college students to maintain their health and hygiene.

Healthy eating

A balanced diet is essential to keeping you refreshed and energetic. While it helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels, it also aids in enhancing your overall mood. Including vegetables, fruits, and nuts can help you boost your immune system and maintain a healthy weight. Never skip your breakfast even if you are getting late for your class. A balanced breakfast is said to contain approximately 50 percent of your entire day’s vitamins. Therefore, start your day with a good amount of fiber, iron, protein, and vitamins. Stock your room with fruits and nuts and avoid munching unhealthy snacks.


Students need to be physically active in college. Try to get some type of exercise daily for 30-40 mins. Walking to class every day is quite beneficial. It has been proven that exercise decreases depression and uplifts moods. Try some relaxation exercises, meditation or prayer to reduce psychological stress such as depression and anxiety. It can help you feel relaxed and calm while enhancing your mental well-being. If you are into sports, join intramural sports programs and physical fitness classes.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest contributors of anxiety and depression, weight gain or loss, fatigue, and reduced brain function. Getting enough sleep in college might sound difficult considering the all-nighters, countless deadlines, and late night parties. However, with proper time-management, it is possible to get the required sleep and rest. Try to take short naps during the day, follow a schedule, and avoid caffeinated drinks before bed.

Wash your hands

If you don’t want to miss class because of an illness, you should maintain personal hygiene which starts with washing hands regularly. In college, when students are in close contact with their peers, participate in sports activities, and stay in a hostel room, they become vulnerable to cold and viruses. You can help prevent illnesses with simple hand-washing. Whether it is before and after meals, while playing sports, or communicating with people who are sick, you should make it a habit to wash hands.

Drink water

Drinking enough water can boost your concentration and mood while replenishing your body. Staying hydrated not only enhances your mood but also gives you more energy to get through the day.  Drink a glass of water before every meal to keep you from overeating. Do not replace water with aerated and caffeinated drinks which are high in sugar. You can cut down on the cost by using a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottled water every time you feel thirsty.

If you are physically healthy, you can be mentally strong which in turn can help you perform better in college. With these simple healthy habits, you can learn how to stay fit and develop habits for life.

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