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June 5, 2018
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7 Ways College Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Are you active on this professional networking platform? Do you understand how a LinkedIn account can get you hired in your dream company? If you still haven’t started networking on LinkedIn, you should begin now. Not only it will help you find rewarding job opportunities, but an active LinkedIn profile will help you build connections that can come handy in future. While struggling between lectures and exams, usually managing a LinkedIn profile takes a backseat for college students. However, it is crucial to remember that LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to impress a recruiter, thus acting as a valuable tool in shaping the future. Let us discuss some reasons for maintaining a LinkedIn profile and how as a student you can reap benefits from it.

  1. Connect with professionals

You can connect with professionals from your industry through the InMail feature and get in touch with them regarding job opportunities. You can also connect with your friends, co-workers, and classmates and grow your professional network. Your college seniors can prove beneficial as business referrals. Request your professors to write recommendations for you and stay connected with them even after you graduate.

  1. Conduct company research

With this largest growing professional network, students can conduct research on their prospective companies. By reading about the targeted employers, you can collect significant information about the company, their hiring process, number of employees, and what others have to say about the organization, thus, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Let companies find you

Today, almost all the organizations seek talented candidates and hire them through LinkedIn. Surveys have revealed that a maximum number of employers hire candidates based on their online reputation. Therefore, you should create a comprehensive and crisp professional profile to attract the employer’s attention.

  1. Get internships

Are you looking for summer internships at a specific company? LinkedIn can certainly help you find a common connection at that company, which can increase your chances of getting hired. Also, many companies post internship opportunities on LinkedIn and recruit students based on their credits and scores.

  1. Receive job email alerts

LinkedIn gives you an option to set email alerts for job recommendations based on your skills and experience. You can receive these alerts via emails and can also view them under Jobs section on LinkedIn.

  1. Join professional groups

LinkedIn sends you recommendations to join groups based on the information you have posted in your profile. You can be an active member of these groups and connect with experienced professionals from your industry. These groups can provide information about global business leaders and current industry trends.

  1. Prepare for interviews

Before appearing for an interview, you can review the profile of the interviewer and gather information about his background and skills. Also, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to read articles on interview tips and tricks.

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