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7 Ways Students Can Be More Environmentally-Friendly

The life of a college student revolves around classes, assignments, and socializing. With so many activities going on your university campus, studentsget busy and don’t spendenough time saving the environment and going green. However, you don’t have to put in extra effort to become environment-friendly. Implementing a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live a greener lifestyle while saving your money. For example, if you choose to walk or bike, you can be kind to the planet and save some money. Similarly, here are some 7 easy ways that college students can adopt to become more environment-friendly.


Every semester, you use a lot of paper – from your daily notes and assignments to tests and research papers. Additionally, think about those endless plastic containers you use for food. Recycle paper products, plastics, or any old item that can be saved from adding to the landfill.

Walk or bike

In addition to saving the environment, walking or biking can help you save a lot of fuel or gas money while making your healthier and active. Take public transport or carpool when you are traveling to longer distancesto reduce your carbon footprint.

Use reusable bags

Every time you go for grocery shopping, buying a new plastic or paper bag can increase garbage. Therefore, make a habit to carry eco-friendly and sustainablereusable bags to the store.

Do not use bottled water

Environmental activists claim that people throw away around 50 billion plastic water bottles every year and landfills are overflowing with tons of these discarded water bottles. Isn’t it alarming? Do not buy a new water bottle every time you feel thirsty, rather purchase a reusable bottle and refill it. Save money and the amount of waste these plastic bottles produce.

Save power

It is common knowledge that you should turn off lights and fans and other electronic appliances when not in use. Buy LED light bulbs for your hostel room which are energy efficient instead of CFL bulbs or incandescentlight bulbs. It might cost you a bit more, but it is eco-friendly and can help you cut down your electricity usage.

Reduce paper usage

Using old books instead of new books can help you save money and paper. Download e-books or visit your college library. Do not purchase notebooks and paper when you can take down notes electronically. Make use of your laptops and cell phones and eliminate paper completely.

Start an environmental club in your college

If your college or university does not have an environmental club, bring some fellow students together and start one. Organize campaigns to save the environment and create awareness among students and faculty about conserving the natural resources preserving the planet. Implementing eco-friendly initiatives will help you gain traction in your university.

College time is indeed memorable for every student, and by adopting these sustainable, eco-friendly practices, you can reduce your carbon print, save money, and protect and preserve the planet. Put your plans into action and encourage others to abide by the same. Adopt these eco-friendly ways and live a greener lifestyle.

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