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November 23, 2018
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7 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

Enhancing your soft skills is important for every job opportunity. Your ability to communicate determines how well you can interact with your team and exchange ideas as an eminent team member. However, if your communication skills are not strong, below are the best seven ways to improve them:

  1. Know your audience

For any form of communication, whether written or in person, knowing your audience enables the individual to understand how they would like to communicate. Based on your previous conversations, you will know whether an email will be sufficient, or you need to meet up for effective communication with the person.

  1. Jot down important pointers

During important meetings, always ensure to note down important points so that you do not miss out on anything. Identify any important elements such as events and dates that need to be referred to in any future communication. While communicating via email, always review it before finally hitting the ‘send’ button.

  1. Be a good listener

To improve your communication, listening is the most important factor to consider. Advancing your listening skills directly affects your communication skills because by paying attention to the entire conversation, you will get to learn new things.

  1. Be assertive

If you have an important point to address, be assertive to be heard. While you get to put out your opinion, you must also give a chance to your clients and encourage them to express their side. Appreciate their views as this is a sign of effective communication.

  1. Body Language

Your body language is an indication of your interest in a conversation. A relaxed posture is suggestive that you are equally inclined to the conversation but do not lean back in your chair to give the wrong contradictory impression. Make eye contact with all involved in the conversation. Maintain a friendly approach so that the other person understands that his or her views matter.

  1. Keep it concise

During a conversation, when you are asked a certain question, keep your answers on point and do not stretch them just to showcase your confidence to the other party. Giving long answers can reduce the effectiveness of your answers, therefore, be prepared with concise answers, relevant to the question.

  1. Use the right words

Effective communication is inclusive of all the important factors such as the pitch of your voice, word-usage, body language along with other factors. Develop a vocabulary that can help you express yourself more clearly. Be articulate in voicing out your thoughts and avoid using uncommon words, straight from the thesaurus, merely to prove that you have a strong vocabulary.

Communication is an integral part of our lives and is needed as a basic skill to convey our ideas and thoughts. You might have an excellent resume and good qualification, however, if you are unable to put your point across to the other party, you may suffer immensely. Reputed Universities lay major emphasis on enabling thier students to develop communication skills that will be an essential part of their professional life. Hence, it is always advised to practice and advance one’s communication skills to be successful in life.

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