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January 14, 2019
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8 Reasons Why Students Should Blog

Blogging has numerous benefits. It is an important educational tool for students. A diverse learning experience is offered to students who stay active in blogging. They reap its endless rewards. Here is a list of top 8 reasons why a student should blog:

  1. Enhanced Creativity

Blogging encourages creativity because, in a blog, you have all the freedom to explore a topic as creatively as possible. Whether it is thinking of new and trending topics creating original content for your blog, students need to be creative in their ways. You can try different mediums to express yourself on your blog – podcasts, photography, themes, poems and much more.

  1. Improves brain’s performance

Writing daily is healthy for your brain cells. Blogging enables you to be more spontaneous in terms of coming up with quirky ideas. You also get the liberty to try out new blog topics by receiving constructive feedback from your audience and expand your knowledge.

  1. A way of self-expression

Many students might not be comfortable in voicing out their thoughts loud in the classroom. For them, to reach a broader audience, blogging is the ideal space where they can receive feedback. The practice of blogging allows individuals to be able to gain skills to communicate online as well as offline.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Many bloggers have claimed that blogging has significantly boosted their confidence by providing a voice to them. Bloggers can express themselves more clearly, something they may have lacked, prior to gaining the exclusive blogging experience.

  1. Better communication skills

To exchange thoughts and ideas, blogging is a wonderful way of expressing yourself consistently. Thus, their communication skills will improve with the constant practice of penning down their thoughts daily.

  1. Grow a professional network

Through blogging, you can connect with readers and bloggers all over the world. By staying in touch with your audience, you can develop a healthy professional network. By interacting with your reader base and responding to their questions and comments, you can grow your professional network wider.

  1. Have your own digital footprint

Digital footprints are basically the traces of activities that an individual does online. Bloggers should aim to create positive digital footprints with the help of their blogs. With curated content, bloggers have the option to shape their digital footprints positively.

  1. Be determined

The frequency to blog should be maintained by every student blogger. This means that a blogger needs to be determined to follow their unique blogging routine which mainly translates to prioritizing your blog and spending a considerable chunk of your time in front of the computer system with a large mug of coffee.

There is no doubt that blogging enables students in enhancing their writing skills. Blogging also provides an excellent platform to students to share their thoughts, receive feedback and reflect on it to improve on their work. Blogging is also of great importance if you are looking for a job because any recruiter would be interested in your portfolio. Happy blogging!

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