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January 16, 2019
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8 Useful Apps for College Students

With college life comes endless responsibilities to stay on track and achieve your goals. It is the time when you have to manage things on your own. Whether it is about looking for jobs, surviving on a college budget, or keeping yourself updated with current affairs, mobile apps can help you navigate through your college experience with confidence. With the help of a few essential apps, you can streamline your tasks and work towards accomplishing your goals. Check out these 8 useful apps listed below that can make things easier for you in college.


Other than growing your professional connections, the LinkedIn app can help you discover jobs that are a good fit for your skills and interests. You can connect with your alumni on LinkedIn and explore career opportunities at their company. Your chances of landing a job increase through a referral on LinkedIn. Also, an effective profile will help you stand out from the crowd.


With Dropbox, you are just a click away from accessing important documents. All your notes, assignments, presentations can be saved together in the cloud which you can access from any device. It becomes easier to send larger files to your friends or professors through Dropbox.


Looking for an efficient to-do list app that is easy to operate? Download Todoist and keep a track of all your tasks. Whether it is running simple errands or remembering important deadlines for your assignments, this app can help you accomplish your goals while making you feel relaxed.


Learn how to manage all your finances and survive on a college budget through Mint. You can manage your bills and create budgets on this freely available app. Mint gives you a complete picture of your bank accounts and finances in one place. With this, you can track your spending and understand how you can save money.


With classes and assignments keeping you busy, it becomes difficult to find time to catch up on the daily news. But with Inshorts, you can read short and crisp version of news curated from various national and international sources. Stay updated with the current affairs while going to a class or during breaks.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a must-have app for college students to create notes and to-do lists, set reminders, and keep a track of your completed tasks. Features such as color-coded labeling and transcribing voice memos will help you stay organized.


From data science to creative writing, Coursera provides numerous MOOCs, degrees, specializations, and certificates in a variety of subject areas. Study online and earn credentials from some of the leading universities and multinationals.


One of the biggest challenges of college life is to learn how to achieve academic goals while staying healthy. A one-stop shop for fitness and personal health, MyFitnessPal will keep a track of your calories and exercise routine.

Students who are looking for some technological one-ups in terms of staying healthy, managing money, or running errands, can explore these 8 mobile apps which will help them through college life.

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