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November 30, 2018
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A College Student’s Guide to Staying Safe on Campus

Every year, hundreds of students head to college to begin an exciting life. With college life comes new experiences, new responsibilities, new people, and new surroundings, however, it also introduces new challenges for students, and personal safety is one of them. While keeping students safe is a priority for every University, you can increase your chances of staying safe by following some additional tips. Follow these eight safety tips to stay safe on a college campus.

Familiarize yourself with your University’s security office

Every University has a security office and you should make the most of it by availing their services. Make sure to check your University website for information on office hours and contact details. Do visit the office in person when you join the college.

Take extra precaution at night

While it is normal for students to hang out with their friends at night, some extra precaution can ward off any danger. Avoid any unnecessary risks such as walking back alone to your room. If it is something urgent, make sure you go out in a group.

Use safety apps

If you can’t avoid walking alone at night, download safety apps such as Safetipin, Smart24x7, Raksha, and many more. These apps can help your friends track your location and will notify them if you need help or are in danger.

Always lock up your room

Even if you are going out for a few minutes, don’t forget to lock your room. If your room is on the first floor, close your windows before you step out. Make it a habit to hide your valuables such as laptop, iPad, money and other expensive items in your almirah whenever you leave.

Maintain privacy on social media

While social media is an excellent platform to connect with your family and friends and share your personal updates, you need to be cautious of strangers viewing your profile. It is advisable not to geotag your pictures and reveal your current location to the world. Avoid announcing on Facebook or Twitter when you are leaving home or staying back alone. Make your accounts private, disable location when not in use, and think before posting anything.

Know your destination

Whether you are planning to roam around the college or setting out of campus, make sure you know where you are going and how you will reach there. Avoid using headphones or phone while walking in an unfamiliar area. Always use GPS to navigate and look for popular routes with heavy traffic even if it is a long way to reach your destination.

Learn how to defend yourself

Learning how to protect yourself physically can give you a sense of empowerment and confidence. You can ensure your safety without depending on your friends. Sign up for self-defense classes such as Karate, Krav Maga or whatever is available at your college gym. A few classes from a professional and some tips can help you master self-defense.

Have safety and security supplies handy

Make sure to keep some safety supplies in your on-the-go bag for your protection. Self-defense products such as LED flashlights, pepper spray, and whistles are easier to purchase and can be quite useful. Always pack these essentials in your safety kit and ensure that they are readily accessible and easy to grab if needed.

College is indeed a rewarding experience, however, as you get busy with new friends, classes, and adjust to independence, safety should not take a backseat. Follow these eight simple steps and increase your chances for a safe and secured time on campus.

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