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March 28, 2018
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May 7, 2018

Academic Culture at REVA University

Academic culture on a university campus comprises of different perspectives, outlooks, spirits, ethics, contributing to a healthy academic environment. The positive culture inside a university campus promotes talent cultivation and innovation thereby enhancing the development of students. REVA University in its 45 acres of lush green campus creates a spiritual culture wherein students participate in cultural and academic activities to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge amongst the student community. REVA University strives to become an innovative university with its student-centered pedagogy and state-of-the-art infrastructure. REVA University has created and sustained an agile academic culture that responds to demands and needs of the society. Read more about the distinguishing features of this uniquely built institution, famous for world-class education and placements opportunities in Bengaluru.

  1. Sprawling campus of the right size

With a compact campus and close-knit community, REVA University boasts of an energetic environment possessing critical mass and genius crowd. Spread over 45 acres of lush green land, the appropriate-sized campus is swift enough to respond to urgent needs.

  1. Broad-based curriculum

Seeking strength in its broad-based and industry-oriented curriculum, REVA University provides a student-centric learning environment. The curriculum isexceptionally meticulous and strongly grounded in scientific and technological modules perfectly blended with arts and humanities.

  1. Focused learning

REVA University exercises specific teaching methodologies, research practices, with a focus and expertise on a particular combination of teaching and research streams that include engineering, architecture, science & technology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, law, commerce, management studies, and many more disciplines.

  1. Collaborative and effective community

Faculty members at REVA University work cross-disciplinary to impart world-class education through innovative pedagogy and education reforms. Different schools of University collaborate and continually strives to provide effective solutions to the ongoing challenges of the community.

  1. Active participation of students

Professors at REVA University encourage students to ask questions and think critically as a part of the learning process. Students are prepared to raise questions when in doubt during the lectures, workshops, and seminars. Discussion sessions where students share their opinions freely on a particular topic are also a part of the course curriculum.

  1. Diverse teaching methodology

Some professors prefer teaching in a formal style of delivering lectureswith a Q&A session at the end while others follow a conversational style of teaching with a healthy interaction throughout the lecture. Students will experience diverse teaching styles at REVA University for their holistic development.

  1. A culture of innovation

To bring the classroom education to life, REVA University continually organizes cultural fests, fun trips, cultural excursions, industrial visits, educational trips, and many more. Industrial and foreign visits are closely related to course curriculum so that students can experience the ideas learned in lectures and books in a tangible way.

REVA University flourishes to enrich and improve lives of students through a strong foundation of education that is recognized nationally and internationally. The University equips students with the skills, knowledge,and experiences required to excel in the corporate world distinguished by recent development.

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