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March 22, 2018
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March 22, 2018

All you Need To Know About PGDM

 is on experiential learning aspectof managing a business. It focuses on real world business simulations to provide better understanding of the corporate world. The thrust ofthe PGDM program is to impart functional knowledge of general management and specialized knowledge of core business functions. Some of the popular specializations offered include: Marketing, Finance,HR, Operations, International Business, Banking & Insurance, and Retail Management etc. There is flexibility to choose from various specializations apart from the core courses. One of the differentiating features of the curriculum is the range and depth of electives, which are industry-specific where rigor and relevance are appropriately balanced, resulting in greater employ ability of the graduates. The specialization areas include a field-based industry internship program. PGDM graduates are also equipped with the industry relevant skills, abilities and knowledge that will enablethem to take up positions of higher responsibility in the corporate world globally, or to become entrepreneurs.

Career Opportunities after PGDM

PostGraduates with Diploma in Management (PGDM) have several jobopportunities in leading business organizations working in industrydomains such as Manufacturing, Banking, Social Sector, ConsultancyServices, Education, Export-Import, Financial Firms, Advertising andMedia, Public Sector Enterprises, Legal Firms and other national andglobal conglomerates etc. Besides, PGDM graduates can also think toventure in start-ups. If their PGDM course has been grantedequivalence to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU), thenthey can undertake research leading to Ph. D. to find careerprospects in higher education institutions or academia in general.


Itwouldbe noteworthy to conclude by saying that there is no substitute forhardwork and perseverance in order to achieve everlasting success incareer. However, it is also equally true that having the rightqualification can certainly give competitive advantage to accelerateyour chances of success especially for a career in management wheredemand for qualified and suitable professionals is growing.

The industry is very selective in choosing the right candidate foritself. In the end, companies do select you on the basis ofsuitability and relevance of your qualification to the job assignmentbesides other parameters. They know that a PGDM pass-out will alwaysbe better skilled and industry ready than a B.Com graduate or just aBBA. Post Graduate Diploma in Management or PGDM in present scenariois designed to provide the right launching pad for advancing yourcareer in management. Since it is a competitive world, therefore,professional success largely depends upon suitability of yourqualification. There are immense job opportunities in various sectorsafter completing PGDM. Aspirants can take up managerial roles incompanies to consulting and can even start their own businessventure.

Withthe aforementioned context in mind, the next and the final steptowards a prosperous career in management should be the selection ofthe right PGDM institute for positioning in global career market ofyour choice and interest.

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