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May 29, 2019
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June 7, 2019

Career Opportunities after MBA

MBA graduates with expertise and skills are in demand in every sector be it healthcare, marketing or information technology. Therefore, management graduates can find incredibly satisfying career opportunities such as CTO, investment banker, marketing manager and more. Whether you want to take your existing company to new level of heights or want to build your own enterprise, an MBA can help you develop technical and leadership skills. Here are some top career options for those with an MBA degree.

Chief Technology Officer

The main responsibility of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is to develop the technical vision of an organization and keep a track of various aspects of any technological development. Not only they create technical standards of a company but they also ensure the employees adhere to those standards. Companies seek MBA graduates with a specialization in Information Technology Management.

Financial Manager

As the name suggests, financial managers are the backbone of any organization and oversee all the financial transactions and processes including management of cash, investment plans, financial workflow, budgeting and mergers and acquisitions. With an MBA in Finance, graduates can find rewarding career opportunities in various fields such as investment banking, financial consulting, insurance and financial services.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers work towards increasing the sales and productivity of a company and helping the organization broaden its new areas and acquire prospective clients. Their job includes conducting research on emerging trends, identifying potential opportunities, calculating market demands and creating effective and sustainable marketing strategies. An MBA degree with a specialization in Marketing offers a wide range of career options including banking, retail, hospitality, information technology (IT) and media.

Investment Banker

Also known as financial advisors, investment bankers help their customers and organizations with raising money in the capital markets and also offer financial advice and assist companies with mergers and acquisitions. They also help companies in generating more revenue from various financial activities that the company undertakes, thus, helping them grow their business.

Sales Manager

Sales managers have a set of responsibilities that include drafting objectives and setting targets, analyzing market trends and the demands of clients and prospective customers, create a sales pitch, identify and suggest improvements in the sales process. Their work also involves training and supervising the sales team and overseeing if the team has met their targets.


An MBA can help you develop those industry-relevant skills and business acumen to become a successful entrepreneur to plan, develop, organize and manage your business. With diverse skills in accounting, finance, marketing and people management, you can transform your innovative business ideas into a successful venture. Entrepreneurs should be prepared to take risks while putting their ideas to work.

If you are an MBA graduate, you will find an ample amount of career opportunities with excellent remuneration as investment bankers, consultants, financial advisors, CTOs and entrepreneurs. Whether you want to pursue a career in Finance or Marketing, make sure you understand the job role and responsibilities of various careers before choosing an MBA specialization.

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