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March 21, 2018
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Creative Ways to Enhance Your Knowledge

To be creative, you need to think outside the box. Well, yes, but that well-worn metaphorical cliché in itself has been over-used to the point of creative redundancy. True creativity is fresh, new, and unexpected. But how do you acquire that? It might take a lot of willpower, persistence and deliberate practice, but you can do it. There’s nothing that can stop you, if you’re determined enough. A tremendous help when it comes to knowledge and skills acquisition is to do it the right way. You want to shorten the learning curve as much as possible. When you’re going for new knowledge, it’s good to know the best learning practices; and when it comes to skills, you want to know the best tips and tricks for learning and improving any skill fast. In this blog, you will learn exactly that.


1. Choose a mentor

Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your leadership skills as well as help others learn, grow, and improve their skills? Or would you like to find someone who can help you do these things? You can, through a mentoring partnership. Coaches, trainers, and consultants can all help you learn and grow professionally. Mentoring is a unique combination of all of these. By working with someone less experienced and from a different background, you can gain a fresh perspective on things and learn a new way of thinking – which can help in your work life as well as your personal life.


2. Solve quizzes

You’ve learnt something important today and you’re sure that you will put it to use when you need it. But here’s the thing, what if you have poor knowledge retention? That could be a challenge and a concern. But it’s not impossible to overcome that! You can increase and retain your knowledge by solving subject-based quizzes and incorporating them in your routine learning’s. By incorporating quizzes, you can allow yourself to be more spontaneous and it shall help you to stimulate knowledge retention, making your time worthwhile!


3. Have a supportive group

“More hands make for lighter work.” “Two heads are better than one.” “The more the merrier.”These adages have one thing in common, which states that group learning is more productive, creative, and motivated than individuals on their own. Learning in a group is always fun than learning alone. You always need a strong support from your environment. Acquiring knowledge and enhancing it is no exception. You need to organize your environment in a way that supports your learning, and you need to surround yourself with people who believe in you and know how to motivate you when thoughts of giving up pop up in your head. Group learning can also help you develop skills specific to collaborative efforts, allowing you to acquire collective knowledge.

How about joining REVA University Student Clubs? Enhance your knowledge and skills by joining Literary Club, science clubs, sports club, robotics, eco club, quiz club, dance and drama club and a host of other clubs.


4. Take Risks

A risk may be a double-ended sword, but the more you avoid it, the more you are leaving ideas unturned. Risks allow you to think out-of-the-box, look for the unconventional and embrace the difference. Creative thinking doesn’t necessitate you to conform all the time; in fact, most of the ingenious concepts are born from deviating.


5. Use peak hours productively

Some people are more creative and productive at certain hours of the day, while others are more creative at the height of their emotions. Work your heart out at these specific times and let your creative juices flow freely. Creativity can also be improved if you put yourself in a certain place in the room. This release of creativity works from person-to-person. There’s no hard and fast rule what time of day, emotion or surrounding you should be to become creative to augment your knowledge. Just do what works for you. Knowledge has a beginning, but no end. Given the right venues, mindset, and resources, it is possible to fuel your creative thinking actions and discover the un-clichéd ways of enhancing your knowledge base.

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