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March 21, 2018
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Do You Really Need a LinkedIn Profile In Addition To a Resume?

“Are you on LinkedIn?”

How many times have you been asked this question, only to reply with an awkward “no?”

Or to have said, “I have a resume, why should I have a LinkedIn profile?”

Firstly, let us bust your myth: Your resume and your LinkedIn profile are not one and the same. You shouldn’t be opting for one or the other – you should have both. Each of these tools comes with its own perks and perquisites and both can help you in your job search. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, LinkedIn is a business focused networking service. With over 150 million members worldwide and growing, it is imperative for you to have a LinkedIn profile to be considered germane in today’s working world. Whether you are job seeking or not, joining the largest business social networking site is still important for you. After all, the Internet is an extraordinary resource for connecting with others.

So, why having a LinkedIn profile in addition to a resume is important? Let us explore the 5 major perks:

Interviews are the most common recruitment tool – almost every company will interview a candidate before selecting them for any role. In fact, many companies conduct multiple rounds of interviews before deciding whether a candidate ought to be hired. Also, interviews are conducted for almost every post – irrespective of whether a candidate applies for a job as a peon or as a CEO, he can expect at least one interview before he is offered the job that he has applied for.

Despite the fact that interviews are a very common recruitment tool, most people have a deathly fear of interviews. Many people feel that no candidate can ever be fully prepared for an interview. Thus, most people feel that it is extremely difficult to do well in an interview. However, there are some incredible but highly effective ways to ensure that you are successful in every interview for which you appear. Let us look at some of these methods quickly.

Making an impression

Your LinkedIn profile is the first information that a potential employer would be evaluating. When it comes time to creating a LinkedIn profile, it’s important to build a complete profile in order to make the right first impression. For example, once a recruiter has found your resume, they are most likely going to search your LinkedIn profile to see more of your professional and educational background as well. Your LinkedIn profile gives recruiters and hiring managers a chance to see more than what is just on your resume.

Increases Searchability

The benefit of having a LinkedIn profile is that it makes you more searchable. For a potential employer when searching for a vacancy, chances are bright that they might land up on your profile. When your LinkedIn profile is front and center, it provides them with a host of information. Also, recruiters can search for you on LinkedIn based on specific key words or criteria they are interested in. If you’re a match, your information is right at their fingertips.

Building your own brand

The other benefit to creating a LinkedIn profile is the fact that you are creating a professional online brand for yourself. Who are you as a professional? Who do you follow? What groups do you belong to? Do you have any common connections with the manager? Building an online brand for yourself is especially important for those who have chosen a career path in IT Consulting, Sales, Marketing etc as you need to demonstrate that you are active and staying up to date with the latest technologies. When you create a LinkedIn profile you are leaving behind your Internet footprint for employers to track.

Building online credibility

Another advantage to creating a LinkedIn profile is building your online credibility. LinkedIn provides a tool that allows you to request and post recommendations from other LinkedIn users who have worked with you professionally. By being able to post and receive recommendations from past peers or employers, your credibility increases via third-party endorsements. When a recruiter searches for you on LinkedIn, your established online credibility is perceived as a positive attribute.

Leveraging connections

LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for networking, and by now you might have got the idea. LinkedIn lets you connect with the industry leaders, colleagues, coworkers, and others which otherwise would not have been possible. You can also hunt for thousands of job opportunities on LinkedIn which may or may not be posted on other job sites. Plus, you can see if you have any connections in common with people who may work at these companies, and potentially set up an online introduction to make yourself more memorable and get a foot in the door.

REVA University’s Training & Placement – a Stepping Stone in Your Glorious Career

REVA University’s Training & Placement (T&P) Cell has always been a guiding force in facilitating the right guidance and support to students for their placements. It has always been a flag bearer of world class training to the University students. The department is geared up to provide its quality services not only in employment to students during studies, but also their employability through well planned and organized training and personality development programmes and their development to face the corporate world. The cell also organizes seminars, group discussions, communication skills and mock interviews as a part of career guidance and personality development. The department executes the training plan after recognizing the core competencies of students and consistently tracks the students’ performance to ensure improvement through periodic assessment tests. We strongly believe in the creation of good quality human resource with the training of intellectual minds. To help students stand-out and gain a competitive edge over the others, we stress on developing both functional skills and exceptional practical outlook.

As the cell focus on augmenting internal competencies by contemporary grooming of students, it is you who can take the next step in polishing your career.

In Conclusion

Your LinkedIn profile and resume should complement one another. Just because you have LinkedIn does not mean that your resume is not important, and vice versa. These are both documents that you should continue updating and refining to present you in the best possible light and attract hiring interest.

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