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January 23, 2019
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February 8, 2019

Dr. P. Shyama Raju felicitated by Governor of karnataka, Shri. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala along with other dignitaries of state election commssion for ushering in social Awakening through Jagruti.


The month of January, 2019 has been a good beginning and an eventful one as REVA received the Best Brand Award in Education from Asia One at Singapore apart from Leadership Award re-ceived by me as the Best Leader in Education. Both of these have been possible because of the hard work and support extended to me, coupled with the fact that you have dared to dream along with me. Jagruti saw one more recognition this month as we had the Honourable Governor of Kar-nataka, Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala along with other dignitaries of State Election Commission fe-licitating me for Jagruti-the campaign that brought in social awareness among the masses and edu-cated them on their voting rights. Words will not suffice as I appreciate the efforts that have gone behind the making of Jagruti by each of you and especially by Dr Kulkarni, Dr Dhanamjaya, Dr Shubha and Dr Narayanaswamy.

The month of January also had us come together along with our past students and well wishers, our Brand Ambassadors for REVA on REVA Alumni Day! It was a poignant moment for me as I ad-dressed the gathering taking them through the journey of REVA from 2004 to the present REVA that we stand tall and appreciate. I did mention during my address that I was reminded of my Col-lege days and that when I visit my college even now I notice that the infrastructure of my Alma Mater remains the same. My alma mater is a protected heritage campus and is a prestigious campus. At REVA we have been growing consistently and we have been developing our campus year on year and that is what makes us unique.

When I walk around the campus of REVA today, it gives me a lot of joy as I see the buses entering the campus and the students alighting safe and secure inside the campus. It gives me a feeling of pride and am sure every parent would feel the same that their child is secure at REVA. The spine road at the entrance, has students sitting on either side of the road, sometimes sprawling on the green patches and relaxing, this is treat to the eye. The lawns have them reading under the trees, the green grass has them sitting in groups and discussing, sometime I even hear them sing and laugh in merriment after academic hours; this is what REVA brings in-the spirit of youth, full of mirth and joy. Very rarely, if I am there in the afternoons, I see students rehearsing and practicing in the open air stage, while there are a couple of students playing the guitar under the trees or practicing and rehearsing in the lawns. Afternoon scorching heat is never a threat to any of our young students as the green canopy on the walkways give enough shade and space. Food court is the favourite hang out for the students as they claim, but I see their bonding happening at the tea stalls and also the coffee break away zones inside the building. Once inside the building, the classrooms are spacious and the furniture and seating is thoughtfully designed and am sure this can never affect their learn-ing process. Digital and traditional we have given thought to it all. Life@REVA is what I call this blog of mine, for it gives me joy and a sense of fulfilment as I watch all of this and more and feel happy and blessed that I have made a small but impactful difference to the life of every student who enters the portal of REVA. And in this journey, each of you has contributed in a big way.

We have witnessed a change in education from the first Republic Day that the country witnessed to the Republic Day that we just celebrated together and the leaps and bounds that education has tak-en in the country today is to be saluted!

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