Campus Life at REVA University
June 7, 2018
Know How REVA University Will Help You to Enhance Your Future
June 7, 2018

Experience Best Infrastructure At REVA

REVA University campus provides a perfect environment for young learners to explore new ideas while nurturing their talent. We encourage independent thinking and creativity among students to develop the invaluable qualities of a compassionate attitude and yearning for learning. Spread over 45 acres of lush green campus, the University boasts of its state-of-the-art and modern infrastructure that facilitates a large number of services for the holistic development of students. To achieve its objective of being an outstanding education provider, REVA University is fully committed to the significant development of its infrastructure and facilities.

Designed and developed by one of the most renowned developers – DivyaSree Developers, the campus of REVA University is a perfect combination of expert design and world-class infrastructure, catering to educational as well as the recreational need of the students, faculty members, and staff. Apart from its well-equipped classrooms, auditorium, laboratories, library, the University also takes pride in its Grand Staircase of Swami Vivekananda Block that was featured in Bentley’s 2017 Year Book. Let us discuss in detail about some of the impeccable infrastructure of REVA University.


The spacious, well-ventilated gallery classrooms in the University provide the ideal environment conducive for focused and dynamic discussions. Accommodating students from multiple courses and programs, these IT-enabledclassroomshelp them to interact and learn from their peers and faculty members. Classrooms are also augmented with advanced teaching aids (audio-visual) for presentations, lectures, etc.


REVA University provides state-of-the-art meeting halls, seminar rooms, conference halls, with a large seating capacity that act as a common ground for students and faculty to exchange their ideas and learn during regular seminars, conferences, and other events held all year round. Its beautiful Kuvempu Auditorium, Amphitheatre and the Open-Air Theatrehelp in facilitating various large-scale events.


The laboratories of REVA University are well-equipped with latest equipment and gadgets to conduct timely workshops and lab sessions in order to meet the academic requirements of the university curriculum. The Computer laboratories are broadband enabled and provide advanced computing facilities.


The University Library facilitates dissemination of knowledge through its grand collection of books, e-books, journals, articles, and electronic journals. The ICT Block, located within the library, houses about 150 computers to help students make use of digital content and broaden their area of research. With spacious reading hall and group discussions rooms, the Library inspires students to research, explore, collaborate and create.

REVA Staircase

One of the significant additions to the majestic campus is Grand Staircase of Swami Vivekananda Block which was featured in Bentley’s 2017 Year Book. Mallikarjun Associates, the designer behind the aesthetically built staircase, was nominated in the ‘2017 Be Inspired Awards’ for its outstanding achievement. The Grand Staircase extends from the first floor to the eighth floor and is suspended above the auditorium to give a spectacular view of the performances and cultural programs from the staircase platforms.

Residential Accommodation (Hostels)

A home away from home, REVA Hostels provides a safe and comfortable environment for both boys and girls with tight security arrangement round the clock. To meet the basic requirements, the University campus has a department store, snack shop, bookstore, and REVA brand store.

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