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March 19, 2018
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Experience the Blissful Life at REVA University

One is full of a lot of hopes and aspirations before joining a course or program at any institute or university. There are various things you expect to experience and learn. Also, one hopes that this will bring a positive change in his/her life. And the same can be said about the life at REVA University. Over the course of your time as a student at REVA, you will not only learn new subjects and acquire professional skills, but also learn new ways of life.

Though an interactive approach to the studies, REVA University helps the students learn how to manage challenging tasks and difficult situations that you may experience in your professional journey. The teachers train the students to think beyond the obvious and go beyond one’s limits in demanding situations. Through group activities the students get to learn that leadership requires a people-centric approach rather than individual based preferences. Also, the students are exposed to industry-based learning through internships, industrial visits, seminars, workshops, interaction with leaders, etc. that are organised on a regular basis.

REVA University provides numerous opportunities to the students to learn through cross-cultural experiences. Students from diverse backgrounds, interests and nationalities come to study at REVA University every year. And the students get the opportunity to interact with each other during group assignments and various academics as well as co-curricular events organized across the year. One can learn a lot about other countries by interacting with foreign students. Along with that, REVA University offers immense opportunities for the students to explore their talent and realise the true potential. REVA has a healthy environment that encourages everyone to succeed in the area of their interest.

Moreover, the University has a variety of clubs for the students to engage and acquire necessary skills and knowledge required to adapt according to different beliefs, attitudes and cultures that are vital for working in teams in a globalized business world. The student’s clubs at REVA include: literary club, science clubs, sports club, robotics, eco club, quiz club, dance and drama club and a host of other clubs. Students are encouraged to participate in various cultural and co-curricular activities that are organised regularly. This provides a great opportunity to all students to exhibit their skills, talent and hobbies.

With its lush green campus that is spread over 45 acres, REVA University offers a pleasant and cohesive learning environment for the comprehensive development of its students. The state-of-the-art infrastructure with ultra-modern facilities, well-equipped laboratories and advanced teaching facilities offer abundant resources to assist the students in every aspect of their learning. The quality of education and outstanding results have encouraged students from all over the globe to experience the Blissful Life at REVA University. You too can realise your true potential and excel the area of your interest by enrolling for the program of your choice at REVA University.

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