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September 27, 2019
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October 10, 2019

From a School Student to a REVA Student- The Complete Journey

When we were kids, we always dreamt of becoming adults and do the big stuff like going to college and having a job. During childhood days, you may have enjoyed every single moment of your life. Every one of us knows that school and college life are very different from each other. You will feel monotonous and uninspiring if college and school life are similar. From childhood to adulthood, you will face a huge transformation in both studies and life experience. Unlike school life, college allows you to take ownership of your life, responsibilities and future goals.

How life changes for a REVA University student after admission

During college days, the most important quality a fresher learns is time management. A REVA Student has to manage their time effectively and make time for events, sports, seminars, TED Talks, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. During the initial days, the students may not be able to cope with the new life, but as we all know, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Therefore, when you start practising things regularly, you will come to know the trade secrets of time management. According to the opinion of psychologists, if you do anything for 21 days continuously, it becomes a habit.

The second thing a fresher learns is about the importance of having a good friendship and companionship. In the University, it is impossible to know the names of students and build a friendship with each one of them. However, you can build a good network with faculty members, students, and mentors. With the help of a good network, you can easily access help from your seniors or fellow batch mates. In school, the situation was different because we knew the names of all the students in a class and considered each of them as our friends.

A new student at REVA University also learns how to stay away from their parents and old friends. Chances are quite high that if you come from another state or a city to REVA University and stays in a hostel. For some students, staying at the hostel is tough. Hostellers have to rely on the hostel food every day, but they will become more confident and independent when they start staying at the hostel. A resident of the hostel learns to solve their problems as it enhances their analytical and problem-solving skills.

One specific thing a REVA University student learns is the importance of taking notes. Being able to take notes efficiently is the basis for academic success. Creating lecture notes is a challenging task. If you have learned it in high school, this skillset will enhance your exam scores and assist you to study with less effort during college time. REVA University gives access to Moodle for class notes that help the students to make notes easily and quickly.

This is how the life of a school student transforms at REVA University. As George Horace Lorimer gracefully said, “The aim of the college, for the individual student, is to eliminate the need in his life for the college; the task is to help him become a self-educating man.”

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