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August 24, 2019
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September 10, 2019

Green festival thoughts…..

The month of festivity begins with September and as usual there will be a lot of merriment and celebration across the country.  This is where diversity is celebrated and there will be lot of joy and mirth amongst people.  Our country is known for some of the niche festivals wherein we celebrate our Gods apart from celebrating Nature.  Each God is connected with Nature and in celebrating God we celebrate Nature too.  Plans are made for celebration in different ways in different families and the extent to which these celebrations can go is dependant on the belief and ability of the family.  The objective is of coming together and bonding.

Celebration at REVA begins as we celebrate the Indian Affairs Award conferred on me by ILC Power Brand and the White paper being published on Making India USD 5 Trillion Economy…..  As I share this joy with you, it calls for celebration for together we have achieved these milestones.  While we are in the mood of celebration, we also need to remember that these large festivals can have a negative impact on our environment if we are not careful and mindful of what we are doing.  Both organisers and attendees need to be careful about the harmful effect that one day of festivity can have on our usually glorious surroundings.  We need to adopt tactics and also use resources that are dedicated to nature.  Loud music, throwing of garbage on the streets, food wastage, polluting the water bodies which are rarity around us can be detrimental to mother nature.  Plastic has to be a no no!  Life has to be in tune with our surroundings and we need to safeguard our Mother Earth for our next generations.  REVA has taken up the noble cause of campaigning through Jagruti-towards Global Warming and each of us is accountable towards this cause.  Let us speak to our students about this whenever we get a chance to do so and ensure they practice this along with us.

Celebrating the Teacher has always been a matter of pride for us young or old.  September 5 is also Teachers Day and my message stands loud and clear:  we are the torch bearers for the youth and we have to be role models to them.  Lead them by practice and I am sure they will follow you.  This is the greatest gift of being a teacher as we are their MENTORS!  Happy Teachers Day to all!

Nativity and Onam also follow the sequence of festivals this month.  The festivities continue and I wish each of you the best this festive season as we together pledge to safeguard our Earth and Go Green and Go Fit as per the initiative taken by our Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.  I am happy that students and faculty participated in the Fit India Movement and as REVA has always been a leader in new and novel initiatives, we have made this Mann ki Baat of the Prime Minister come true on August 29, 2019!

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