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How Networking in College Can Help Getting Jobs and References

We join college with a primary goal of earning a degree; however, the importance of networking goes unnoticed by many of us in the pursuit of achieving placements. Not only networking helps students to connect with their fellow mates, alumni and faculty members but also it provides various kinds of opportunities to discover their potential.

With effective networking skills, you can connect with professionals and gain relevant information for your prospective career. It also helps in seeking referrals from your professors or supervisors, thus, giving you a chance to highlight your skills. Your professional connections during your internship or in college can also increase your chances of landing a job. Here are some strategies through which you can improve your networking.

Active engagement in the classroom

When you are attending the lectures that are pertinent to your major, be enthusiastic and make your presence felt in the classroom. You should be active, ask questions and discuss with the professor after the lecture to make yourself familiar to him/her. This active participation will not only help you in gaining good grades but will also pave the way to a strong relationship with your professor. Professors are well known for their connections, from alumni to their colleagues, which might help you with your job hunt and gaining valuable references.

Use LinkedIn

Building your online presence on LinkedIn can help you keep those professional contacts. Create an effective and detailed LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills and achievements, and make sure you are an active user. You can also set up an online portfolio or a personal website where you can put up your work and link the same to your LinkedIn profile. You might also want to join your alumni groups on Facebook and connect with them for prospective job opportunities.

Internships are important

Working while studying is one of the best ways to gain some professional experience and get a head start to your career. Even if your internship is not converted into a full-time job, there will be several other takeaways from this short-term work. From exploring your career choices to developing relevant skills, connecting with people is beneficial for you in numerous ways. Therefore, give your best, ask questions and stay in touch with your supervisors.

Get involved in campus activities

Whether it is polishing your resume or building both professional and personal network, getting involved in the campus has various advantages. With a number of options such as student clubs, sports or drama, social gatherings, professional clubs, student media or placement cell, you can connect with students, speakers, professors and mentors. If your college is organising a fest or career fair, try to take up leadership roles and support the activities.

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Training and placement cell

Every college or university has a well-established training and placement cell that assists students with the job search, no matter whether it is an internship or a full-time job. The training and placement cell can help you find suitable internship opportunities posted by companies or alumni, develop your online presence, build your networking and interview skills, and prepare you for placements. Through the training and placement cell, you can learn about career fairs and meet representatives of prospective companies and establish contacts that might come handy in the future.

Now, you are aware of the advantages of networking in college. Start connecting with people and getting involved in campus activities to build a network beneficial for your future. The sooner you begin networking, the greater your chances to meet professionals who can give your job search a boost. Go ahead and get going!

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