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September 10, 2019
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How Student Exchange Programme Promotes Diversity

Do you know anything about the student exchange programme? What is a student exchange programme?

To put simply, a student exchange programme is a course-related programme that proffers students a chance to study abroad. Under this programme, foreign and indigenous institute/university/college collaborate so that students from one university/institute can go to the foreign university to study and vice versa.  With the help of students’ exchange programme, a student can visit and learn in a foreign college or university for a defined period with the assistance of their indigenous institute.

The actual meaning of the word ‘student exchange’ here means that the students are not necessarily being swapped or interchanged between the educational institutes. This means that a student does not have to find a substitute from a foreign university to take their place in their respective university.

Exchange means that a foreign student can visit your college or university and attend the course for the specified period. The student who participates in the exchange programme does not have to convince a foreign student to fill up the vacant place.  Both these processes work differently and are independent of each other.

How It Promotes Diversity in the Educational Institutes

  1. Study abroad with low-cost access: To be honest, one of the most lucrative benefits of a student exchange programme is that you can visit a foreign university without incurring heavy costs. With the help of the student exchange programme, the students will get the immense opportunity to know about the foreign language and culture. It helps the students to travel abroad and explore more about the place, which may not be possible in the absence of an exchange programme. A student exchange programme is a low-cost affair because most of the expenses are borne by the universities in collaboration.
  2. Exposure to alternate teaching methodology: When a student travels abroad, he/she will be exposed to myriad ways of learning. It is a known fact that different countries use different ways of teaching methodologies. When a student visits abroad, he/she has to follow the teaching methodology used by them. This may give the student an exposure to an innovative learning method that may help to enhance the learning process.

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  1. An easier way for personal development: When the students stay abroad during the student exchange programme, they will have the opportunity to stay away from the comfort zone of their home country. The students will get a chance to manage everything on their own. This will boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of the students. Along with that, it will help to boost the management and leadership skills of the student. It allows the students to learn about a foreign society, culture and perceptions on teaching and learning.
  2. Formation of life-long bonds: Several student exchange programmes ask the students to stay with a local family or university hostels. When you stay with foreigners, you will have the opportunity to discuss their culture, study expectations, educational goals, and career goals. The students will get to know the lifestyle of another country, which helps them to transform into global citizens. When you achieve life-long bonds, you will have the chance to shine in your education as well as in career.

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Now, you know the benefits of a student exchange programme and how it promotes diversity. If given a chance, you must enrol yourself for a student exchange programme and travel abroad to boost your confidence, management skills, and interpersonal traits.

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