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August 20, 2019
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August 24, 2019

How to Begin Your Journey as a Programmer?

What is the job of a computer programmer? A programmer creates, writes, tests, maintains and debugs codes for the smooth functioning of computer programs and applications. The programmer should acquire wide coding and computing skills across numerous programming platforms and languages such as PHP, Perl, Structured Query Language (SQL), HTML, Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), C, C++, Java, and many more.

Is programming job right for you?

Why do you want to be a programmer? Evaluate your interest and aptitude before joining a course that offers coding/programming. One of the skills a programmer needs to have is problem-solving skills. Coding requires a lot of logical reasoning and thinking. Logical thinking helps you to solve the problem through a series of steps. If you are creative, then you will find shortcuts for coding that save a great amount of time. Learning never ends for a programmer. You should have a mind-set to learn new things and languages in order to adapt to various situations.

A few points to remember before starting your journey as a programmer:

Strengthen your basics: When you are about to start coding, the foremost thing you need to fortify is the “basics”. If you want to become a coding ninja, then you have to be strong in your basics. To strengthen your basics, you should have an in-depth understanding of the core of computer science and up-to-date knowledge of coding. Today, there are hundreds of courses available in programming that are aimed to the aspirants. Several reputed colleges and universities offer courses that help to develop your skillsets in programming.

Have patience: The next prerequisite quality for being a marvellous programmer is to have patience. If you have great patience, you can solve even the hardest problems that come to your desk. It prepares you for all probable disappointments that no one else can. Moreover, patience helps you to enhance your knowledge of coding and boost your problem-solving capabilities.

Define your goal: Setting your goal(s) can be motivational as well as a powerful tool to enhance your coding skills. If you are planning to learn a programming language, then you have to set a goal to finish an easy project by the end of the month/week. Once your goal is achieved, you can go ahead and set another goal. Always keep updated and learn new languages or codes to enhance your knowledge and skills. Setting up goals and fulfilling each of them enable you to get hands-on experience and skills in programming.

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Enhance your knowledge at REVA

If you are aspiring to become a coder/programmer, join B.Tech or M.Tech in Computer Science of REVA University. The University has designed these courses by giving equal emphasis on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Highly qualified faculty members, ICT-enabled classrooms, and state-of-the-art facilities make REVA University the best place to hone your skills in programming/coding.

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