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How to Choose a Career That Suits You Best

Choosing a right career path is challenging and tricky. Whether you have to begin your professional journey or change your existing career path, it is riddled with confusion and anxiety. For most of us, the question of ‘where now?’ arises and force us to contemplate our interests, job satisfaction, passion and how we are doing at our current organization. You receive advice from people to “follow your passion” or “pursue what you love”, however, these usually do not help. You should always choose a career that fits well with your skills and makes you happy. Unfortunately, research predicts that people are usually bad at choosing the right career path and end up ruining their professional as well as personal life. Therefore, it is important to choose the career that suits you best. But, how do you ensure that? With proper guidance and research, you can take that leap and make the correct decision about your career. Consider these below-mentioned points to choose a career that fits well with your passion and skills.

Know yourself

The most important thing is to understand yourself – your personality traits, strengths and weakness, your interests, and other significant factors. Find out what you are good at and explore options in that field. If you feel passionate about painting, then pursue a career in visual arts. Create an exhaustive list of your strong skills and determine the next step based on that. To get an outer and better perspective, consult your family or friends to help you pick the strongest skill.

Determine your personality type

Have you heard about Myers-Briggs Personality Test? Take the introspective questionnaire and find out your personality type. Tests such as this one or theBig Five Personality Test can help you gather information on your personality and make an informed decision about the work environment that will suit you best.

Take a career test

Are you still confused about choosing the right career? If you are having a tough time deciding, then you should take a career test. With so many of them freely available on the internet, you can easily map your skills and strengths by answering a set of questions within a given time-frame. These tests assess your strengths and weakness and then suggest an appropriate career based on your skill set.

Seek advice from experienced people

Talking to experienced people who have expertise on a particular subject or area can help you choose a career that is meant for you. Seek advice from industry experts and professionals and talk about your passion and aspirations. Get in touch with them and gather information about various industries and job roles. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to connect with experienced people and seek their valuable opinion on your career path.

Enroll for an internship

Internships give you a fair idea about the work culture and job responsibilities. You get an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced people while collaborating and working as a team. Internships lay the foundation of your career by providing you with the chance to work among different kind of people. You can also land up with a full-time job depending upon your performance and interest. You can grow your professional network which can come handy in future. Gaining work experience through an internship will add brownie points to your resume especially during the placement season.

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