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How to Discover the World News Today – Smart Apps or Newspaper?

Some people prefer to read the newspaper because they can read it peacefully in the morning with a cup of coffee.  Others prefer a news app because they feel it is convenient and they can read the news during their preferable time. There are several other factors like internet connectivity and availability of the resources the affects the reader’s choice when it comes to choosing in between an app and a newspaper. However, you may be in a confusion that which of these options are better and which one should you follow.

Here, we will try to decipher which one of these options is best to discover the world news in this modern era.

Longevity of Newspapers

Without any doubts, newspapers are here to stay. The first printed weekly newspaper that was published is Relation and it was published in Antwerp during 1605. This fact is sufficient to understand the gravity of newspapers in the life of people around the world. In India, newspapers are still one of the major sources of getting relevant information apart from a radio or television.

In India alone, the newspaper readership is almost 425 million, which is a huge accomplishment. Majority of people start their day with a newspaper, it has become a staple part of their lives, and most people think that their day will become incomplete without reading a newspaper.

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News applications are cool

What we meant by saying cool here is that a news app is a modern way to know the news around the world.  With the increasing number of smartphones and other smart devices like a tablet or a smartwatch, it is easier to read any news on the go. Almost 500 million Indians have a smartphone with them and it is expected that the number will reach a staggering 859 million by 2022. Therefore, it is easy to comprehend that more people will download such apps and chances are quite high that a news app will soon become popular.

Whether you are in the office or travelling by train or bus, you can just switch on the mobile device and locate the news app on your phone to start reading. The best part of a news app is that you can choose what you want to read. With a news app, you can browse myriads of options and choose the best for yourself as per your priority.

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Which one is better?

To be honest, the decision has to be made by the reader based on the preference, need or priority. The choice is always with you as a reader because you should decide on which medium you are comfortable, i.e. a newspaper or a news app. For example, if you are in your home and it is morning time, you can start your day by reading a newspaper. If you are commuting, then you can choose the option of using a news app.

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