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December 4, 2018
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How to lessen your stress

Getting anxious for deadlines, assignments, and tests is part of a students’ life. While stress at a certain level can encourage us to perform better, a high level of stress can impact one’s state of mind and health. Below is a list of top six ways in which you can reduce your stress:

Meditation helps

To get rid of your anxiety, practice meditation every day. Studies have concluded that meditation changes the neural pathways in the brain which makes you strong enough not to stress over things easily. All you need to do is sit up straight and focus on a positive mantra and ignore any unwanted thoughts that may come and go.

Slow down your pace

We are always in a hurry to get something done. The perennial rush causes a sense of anxiety in us. Take a break. Slow your pace. Relish every bite of food. Feel the cool breeze ruffling your hair gently. Notice the things around you – the trees, the clouds, the plants, and animals. Understand your body better and check for any signs of stress affecting you mentally or physically. Start scanning your toes and concentrate on each part of the body to notice how it feels.

Communicate more

Mingling in your social network is a great way of handling stress. Talk to your friends and family because it helps significantly in dealing with stress. Share with them all that you are dealing with in life. They are your support system and can offer a better perspective.

Breathing exercises

Take out some time to breathe properly. A short break of 5 minutes will enable you to focus on your breathing as you slowly inhale the fresh air and feel it move up till your head from the belly. Now slowly exhale through your mouth and feel the difference from the shallow hurried breathing one does normally.

Laughter is a therapy

Laughing out loud is the best therapy to deal with stress. A good belly laugh has the power to lower the cortisol level which is the stress hormone in our body. In return, laughter also increases the happy hormones or endorphins. Read good books, chitchat with your friends, watch comedy shows and funny videos to feel light after a tiring day at work.

Good music is the key to happiness

Listening to your playlist brings a certain feeling of calm over you. Doesn’t it? Researchers have found out that listening to soothing tunes helps people who have blood pressure problems. Plug in your earphones and travel into a different world as you know nothing of the world but the instruments, singers, tunes, notes, and lyrics pouring into your ears. Another way to vent out is tuning in to some peppy beats and singing out loud along with it.

Anxiety and stress over a long period of time can pose a serious risk to one’s health. Stress is our body’s reaction towards a challenge. We live a fast-paced life and hence, we are always challenged by some or the other task. Therefore, there is an urgent need to unwind in our own ways and not allow stress to take a toll on our health.

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