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How to Make A Good First Impression in a Job Interview

When you get the confirmation for a scheduled interview, you can’t focus on anything else than thinking about all the answers for the possible questions that might be asked to you by the recruiters. Although the answers that you prepare help you in advancing to the next stage of the interview, your first impression, as you walk in through the door matters significantly. Here are some of the ways in which you can make a good impression in a job interview:

Reach on time                                                                

Plan your commute to the venue in a way that you reach 10-15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, however, do not plan on reaching an hour before the interview because this would reflect your over-excitement for the interview. This also shows that you have nothing else to do and hence, you decide to hover at the organization’s reception.

Dress up professionally

Decide your interview attire a day before the interview. Your dress should be professional, neither too tight and nor too baggy. Do not wear heavy jewelry and a strong perfume while going for the interview.

Be confident

When you enter the interview room, chin up and greet the interviewers with a pleasant smile. Although it is natural to be anxious before an interview, do not let it show up on your face as it might send a wrong signal to the hiring managers that you lack confidence.

A firm handshake is a must

While shaking hands with the members of the interview panel, ensure that you have a firm grip, neither too tight nor limp. If someone from their team enters the room after you are seated, make sure that you stand and then greet them with a handshake.

Show your interest

When you are sitting for a job interview, don’t let the doubts in your mind show up on your face. You mind wonder if the job role suits your interest and requirements but do not lean back in the chair demonstrating a lack of interest in the conversation during the interview.

Converse smartly

Be careful in your conversation with the interviewer. Don’t talk too much that you end up regretting later of accidentally saying something insensitive and insulting in your conversation with the interviewing committee. Be polite in your conversation and keep your voice at a normal pitch, neither too high nor inaudible. Don’t pretend to know something, if in reality, you do not have the knowledge about the subject because this will create an impression of you being arrogant.

A survey found that any recruiter gets to know within the first 90 seconds when a candidate walks in the room, whether he or she is worthy of getting a chance to try for the next level of the recruitment process. So, next time when you head out for an interview, follow the above-mentioned tips to ensure that you are presenting yourself in a professional manner. Always remember that the most crucial part of any interview is its beginning. Make use of this opportunity to create a long-lasting impression on the interviewer. All the best!

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