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How to Manage Your Time Effectively During Exams

With exams approaching, students start getting anxious thinking about their preparation. To perform well in examinations that you dread throughout the semester, you need to manage time and establish a routine. Getting those top grades for which, you have been working hard for is not difficult if you know how to strike a balance between college, social, and personal life. When you plan and prioritize your syllabus, you can easily stay on track and organized during the exam season, thereby reducing stress and pressure. Exams are not fun, however, with effective strategies, you can easily conquer the struggle and handle the exam pressure. Take a look at our seven time management tips so that you can deliver your best during exams and score good grades.

  1. Prepare a schedule of your subjects and topics and stick to it. Although it is difficult to plan every minute of a day while studying for exams, you can try your best and meet your goals.


  1. It is better to prioritize your preparation and assign more time to the most important subject. Make a to-do list one night before according to your plan and follow it to stay focused.


  1. Set deadlines for yourself to know that you are making some progress. This will not only help you to stay on track for long-term goals but will also fetch better results. If your final paper for Computational Physics is not due for the next week, start on with some research and assign a date for writing and completing the paper.


  1. Make sure your surroundings are conducive to studying so that you won’t waste time. If you are addicted to playing games, leave your phone in the other room or turn it off. Avoid watching TV shows on your laptop when you are studying to minimize distractions.


  1. Follow an established routine of sleeping, eating, and exercising on time. Get enough sleep and wake up early to exercise or go for a leisure walk. Eat healthy food and do not opt for burger or donut when you can have oatmeal and fruits. A proper routine will boost your brain and memory power while making you feel energized and active.


  1. Include some time to relax in your daily schedule. Remember that, too much of cramming and pulling an all-nighter won’t help you retain information during exams. Read a book, go out with friends, have dinner with your parents, or indulge in any activity you enjoy to take your mind off course books.


  1. Make use of review or flashcards to remember significant information while writing exams. You can use these cards to revise your topics while traveling or waiting in the queue at the bus stop. You can also place these cards in your home such as dining table, fridge door, etc. so that you can remember these pointers frequently.


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