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May 25, 2018
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How to Stay Motivated in College

Earning a degree in any stream from a reputed college is rewarding and inspiring – it paves the way for success you have always dreamed of. However, the journey is not so smooth always. For any student, college life can bring many challenges and obstacles, but if you are focused, your dedication and hard work will pay off. After all, success depends on your level of motivation and perseverance despite spells of frustration. With so much of pressure to perform well and secure jobs, studentsstruggle with motivation and find it difficult to balance college, social and personal life altogether. For such difficult situations, maintain a positive attitude, reward yourself, eliminate distractions, and stay flexible. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated in college and make it through your undergraduate or postgraduate program.

  1. Set realistic, small goals – Divide big tasks that need more time into smaller portions that can be easily achieved. Create a plan for big projects so that you have a better understanding where to begin and how to achieve it.


  1. Prioritize important tasks – You can get bogged down with your coursework and assignments if you do not plan. Hence, you should focus on high-impact tasks such as studying for an exam rather than general reading for the next class.


  1. Reward accomplishments– Celebrate your achievements and give yourself a reward when you have accomplished any task or project. It will not only enhance your motivation but will uplift your mood and affect your performance. How about watching a Netflix episode, taking a walk or going out with friends – whatever you like? Then move on to the next assignment.


  1. Create new challenges – It is useful to change the approachto your way of working – it will help you stay curious and interested. Think about doing the same assignment in a different way. Write an essay this time for your creative writing project, if you wrote a poem last time.


  1. Don’t get failure lose your focus – Experiencing setbacks are normal in any course of work. Sometimes, things don’t go as well as you expect, but do not get discouraged. Instead, assess what went wrong and learn from your mistakes. Keep pushing yourself to do better this time.


  1. Remember the big picture – With too much of workload, you can forget the primary reason to be in college. Keep reminding yourself to accomplish your goals of earning that degree,when you are struggling with motivation.


  1. Seek support – Talk to your peers or counselors if you are feeling ov Try discussing with students or seniors who have gone through the same struggle with motivation and seek their advice. Get involved in campus activities to meet like-minded students. Your academic advisor or any faculty member you are comfortable with can help you navigate your way through it. You can also turn to family or friends for support when you are feeling demotivated. Ask them for help as you work on new strategies to stay motivated and focused.


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