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October 30, 2018
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November 2, 2018

How to Survive your First Semester in College

Once the schooling is over, it’s time to make the big move- enroll for a good college. Now this transition for students where they move from the comfort of their home to the first year in college is monumental and critical. Hence, we are listing the most tips for students to successfully survive the first semester in college:

Know your roommate

It is always good to share your experiences with someone who is going through the same phase. Hence, get to know your roommate and vent out your emotions and feelings through a healthy discussion which will certainly help you.

Get Organized

It is important for students to understand that college is different from high school and hence, professors need them to follow the course guidelines and come prepared for the classroom sessions. Do not procrastinate because that would create an obstruction for you in achieving your goals and completing your task list. This will also make you anxious and in turn, affect your performance.

Strike a balance between academics and social life

Do not let the pressure of academics get to you which means that you need to manage time in such a way that neither academics nor your social life suffers. Academics are certainly important, you need to use a planner to stay focused and complete your assignments, essays, and projects on time. Additionally, you must also understand that while social life is equally important but overcommitting to the same will hamper your work progress. So, always strike the right balance between the two.

Networking helps

It is crucial to become friends with your roommate and it is equally important to have a conversation with your seniors and professors. College is the right time to start networking. Now, this does not mean that you should talk to people solely for increasing your professional network. Strike a conversation to know them better, to get their advice and learn from their experiences.

Keep some emergency cash ready

You can never be sure of when the ATM inside the college campus stops working and you run out of cash. At times, you might only remember on the last day to pay the cafeteria fees, for which, you would need cash urgently. For such occasions, always stack some cash in your cupboard in a secret corner which you must check only in the times of emergency so that you won’t have to go around asking everyone to lend you some money or pay late fee fine.

Get involved

The key to distracting yourself from homesickness or loneliness is to become involved in different activities happening around the college. Pick your major interests and join hobby clubs where you will meet new people and become friends and also indulge in the activities you are passionate about.

The feeling of being homesick and the sudden responsibility of taking decisions on your own might be overwhelming for students in their first semester but with the above-listed tips, there is absolutely no need to be scared or worried. Adequate guidance and the will to survive come what may, are the secrets to happiness and survival in college when you join initially. Stress and homesickness also wear off with time as you settle down in your new world and gear up to enjoy the best time of your life.

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