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How VR and AR Shaping the Modern Education System

The advent of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have changed everything- the way we see, feel and communicate with others. Most of the universities, schools, and colleges have gradually changed the way of teaching due to the continuous up rise of technology and few are still in the process of adapting technology. For example, MS PowerPoint has been used as an amazing learning tool, but it was never meant or designed for such purpose. Even though it is used as one of the tools in education, it is still used to represent information in templates and bite-size formats. Similarly, numerous colleges and universities are adopting AR and VR learning to incorporate into their curriculum.

Teachers and faculty members including the technical staff are customising their virtual realms to enhance and represent the educational content in a new and different way. A virtual world is a computer-based environment where the user can interact and communicate with other users with the assistance of pre-programmed avatars or digital communication. This ‘virtual’ world allows the teacher to take students to a place, which is physically inaccessible. Medicine, mathematics, and science are the subjects that are most suitable for AR and VR mode of learning. Few maths and science teachers are using AR and VR to teach and represent abstract topics that cannot be easily taught using conventional methods due to the intricacy of the topics.

Learn Extensively Through AR and VR Modes

  1. VR Classrooms: Virtual reality classrooms offer amazing outcome-based education. Numerous institutes and universities are adopting this type of classroom teaching to enhance the learning experience of the students. VR also stimulates the interests of the students and allow them to perform better. Teachers can take the students to a virtual trip to ‘The Great Wall of China’ or ‘Eiffel Tower’ or literally to any other place that allow them to see and learn new things without inflicting heavy costs on educational trips.
  2. Making the impossible, possible: With the assistance of AR and VR, many students are learning new things without any occupational hazards. For example, if a student wants to learn welding techniques or high-level of mechanics, they can do that with the help of AR and VR in a virtual world where there is no danger. This kind of practical solution may not be possible in the real world scenario because the student may have to face the real-time consequences that can be dangerous.

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  1. Game-based learning: With the application of AR and VR in game-based learning, a student can learn new things quite easily. New and better virtual models via games can be shown to the students to make them understand the concepts easily. We all know that most of the students complain about the boring lectures and lab work that can be made interesting with these technologies. With the help of game-based learning, a teacher can deliver an outstanding experience to the students. Game-based learning is a fun way of learning so that students can focus more on classroom teaching and increase their productivity largely.
  2. Creative learning: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality has made the things possible that were earlier considered as impossible. That is inspiring for all students! Students become more creative when they enter into a virtual world because that is the place without any limitations. They can explore new things through technology to boost their ingenuity.

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Now, you know the benefits of using VR and AR in the modern education system. If given a chance to take admission in a place where they are already using AR/VR to enhance the teaching-learning process, then do not look back.  The reason is simple- these technologies will render an amazing learning experience and help you to understand difficult subjects very easily.

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