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May 7, 2018
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May 7, 2018

Importance of College Fests for A Student

Don’t you think you should also have fun while learning at college? Gone are those days when college life was only about academics and students focused on attending lectures and writing exams. In the recent times, to engage students and prepare them for the real world, college and universities organize college fests and encourage students to participate and showcase their latent talent. Students put in their best efforts to make college fests entertaining and exciting. These multiple cultural events, technical fests, celebrity performances, competitions, partying with friends make you confident and job ready. These amazing college fests play a significant role in shaping the career of a student, read on to know how.

Provide Educational Benefits –

Employers prefer to hire candidates who are equipped with knowledge and expertise in their field and know how to communicate and interact with clients. Your resume speaks for your talent if you have been an active participant in college fests, cultural activities, sports tournaments or anything outside of the classroom. If you are involved in multiple activities, it reflects your talent and potential. Hiring managers look for such extraordinary talent where you have organized a college fest or hosted an event. Additionally, if students wish to pursue higher studies abroad, these co-curricular activities make them stand out from other students. Involvement in college fests along with classroom learning teaches students how to manage time effectively, prioritize work, follow a schedule, and respect deadlines.

Promote Social Interaction –

College fests and activities provide opportunities to interact with your peers and form new connections. While organizing any event, students stumble upon new people and build their network. Most of these activities are group-oriented due to which students get to know about people from different cultural backgrounds and interests. These healthy interactions not only enhance interpersonal and communication skills of students but also prepare them for the real world.

Hone Technical Skills –

Technical fests should be an essential part of course curriculum as it gives a platform to young brains to showcase their innovative ideas and compete with their peers. These technical fests are an amalgamation of fun and learning where spectacular ideas are displayed, and students learn and feel inspired. Hackathons encourage students to rack their brains and brainstorm to provide solutions for any existing substantial problem such as digitization, electricity issues, and other alarming concerns. These events guide engineers, computer experts, researchers to dream bigger and achieve them.

Develop Soft Skills –

Employers seek candidates who can think out of the box and possess effective communication skills. Those who can multi-task, take initiative, and are enterprising have better chances of getting hired. Students grow in multiple directions if they actively participate in college fests. Students who volunteer and organize college fests display their self-starter attitude, which is highly appreciated by recruiters, especially while hiring for managerial positions. Besides that, students also develop four essential skills from organizing fests – planning, teamwork, leadership, and multi-tasking. They also learn how to balance personal and professional life which helps in differentiating between doers and dreamers.

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