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May 7, 2018
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Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Academics

We all know that four plus four is always eight. But when you frame the question other way round and ask what is eight, that calls for a different way of thinking to get the answer. Here the answer could be two plus six or it could be anything. Creativity means a different way of thinking and doing things. Each one of us is creative and this creative ability in students manifests in several ways. When students find themselves in unknown territories, they learn to move out of their boundaries.

Listen to this popular TED Talk by Ken Robinson who emphasizes on building an education system that nurtures and cultivates creativity among students. He predicts that we cannot visualize the career path for a student based on the classwork they are doing. Therefore, if you learn a specific skill, that does not mean it will have value in today’s corporate world. Students need to be creative and thus adaptable to prepare yourself for life beyond the classroom.

Creativity provides a deeper understanding of concepts. When teachers employ a creative and experimental form of teaching, they develop thinkers who are capable to explore their varied interests utilizing their own strengths. These creative methods develop young learners into creative, knowledgeable and independent thinkers who do not feel shy to express themselves.

The more creative students are, the happier they are. Making any lecture or assignments creative brings out the fun part and when students enjoy their work, they understand in a better way. When you are creative, you can think of multiple solutions to solve a problem. It helps students to invent strategies to deal with the unexpected and complex situations.

Being creative is essential for a successful career. By making the course curriculum creative especially boring subjects including Mathematics and Physics, the understanding of the subjects goes beyond books. Students need to know the real-life applications of any subject or topic to understand its significance and add a creative spark in the classroom.

Encouraging the element of creativity and innovation in students can help them in expressing opinions and emotions through music, dance, theatre, art projects, or any other way out to test boundaries and explore the world. This enables the emotional development of students and enables them to realize their hidden potential.

A creative student can easily communicate with others and share his/her experiences freely that might seem difficult otherwise. A creative classroom environment provides endless opportunities for innovative thinking, group problem solving and shared learning experience that can help students connect with each other on a personal level.

In recent times, the job market has evolved in terms of career opportunities and work culture. Employers prefer a creative employee who can come up with innovative ideas for the growth of the company, not just fulfill his basic duties. You need to be proactive and think outside of the box for a prospective employer to hire you over others and to get ahead of the competition.

REVA University believes in promoting creativity and innovation in students through various methods such as organizing seminars, workshops, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, dance and music shows, and creative classroom activities. Faculty members encourage healthy discussion among students to help them communicate their ideas and opinions freely.

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