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Importance of Voting Awareness Campaign

Why should you vote? To make a change. To get access to education, better healthcare and childcare, fair tax policies, basic income, better roads and transport facilities, and other basic amenities. You should vote to make your voice heard. Your chance to vote gives you the power to choose the most suitable candidate who can run the country. If you vote, you can decide who represents your city and country. If you vote, you become an essential part of the decision-making process that will surely affect your everyday life. When you vote, you get a significant way to express your opinion on the issues you are concerned about.

As one of the significant processes to determine the smooth functioning of a city, voting is a fundamental right that every individual should exercise, irrespective of age, knowledge, or experience. From healthcare to food, educational policies to jobs, from highways to taxes, elected representatives take crucial decisions on these vital issues that affect our lives. Hence, voting becomes instrumental in the development of a nation.

Every institution should motivate students to exercise their valuable vote as young learners have the power to make a significant impact in shaping the elections. Research reveals that students who discuss current events in college or at home and participate in debates on social issues are more likely to cast their vote. Universities which connect political issues into the curriculum and promote discussion of policy debates as a part of pedagogyplay an important role in the process of voting. Universities can also organize programs to spread awareness about voting and encourage students to register and vote.

REVA University with the assistance of School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ECE) and FORCE committee organized a fun and interactive ‘Voting Awareness Campaign’ on 11th April 2018 in the University premises. The Campaign was aimed at raising awareness among students about the Karnataka State Assembly Election that were held on 12th May 2018. The event was flagged off by the Director of School of ECE, Dr. R.C. Biradar who with other faculty members and enthusiastic students made the event a grand success. Students under the guidance of faculty members prepared slogans and posters on voting and marched from the REVA University Main Gate to the Administration Block carrying those colorful placards. The volunteers of the Campaign encouraged the youngsters to vote in order to build a responsible government.

Although millions of people vote, every vote counts to select the right candidate for the country. The process of voting acts as a gateway to various forms of civic engagement, especially when young people face massive challenges such as unemployment, student loans, and educational policies. If we support and encourage them to vote, it will certainly help raise a new and modern generation of responsible citizens who will actively get involved in building a prosperous nation.

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