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Key Points to Consider Before Appearing for an Interview

The big day is here. You found a lucrative job and got through the first round of telephonic introduction, and finally received a confirmation call for a face-to-face interview. But the real work begins now. No matter how efficiently you have mastered the skill of cracking an interview, you have to do your homework and prepare for the job interview. Remember, there is no second chance to impress the interviewer. Your performance during an interview can make or break your chance of getting hired in your dream company. To get ahead of the competition in today’s job market, you have to be prepared in the best way possible to showcase your abilities and talent. You cannot predict how an interview is going to be, but some basic rules can help you with anxiety issues while preparing you to present yourself in a positive way. Follow these seven basic tenets before appearing for that important interview.

  1. Research

Before you go for an interview, do your research on the company. Read and learn about its products and services, competitors and customers, the industry of the company, and other important details that will make you understand the company’s goals and objectives. The more you read about the company, the better chances you have of acing the interview.

  1. Prepare yourself

Do not forget to carry extra copies of your resume and reference letter as well as notepad and pen to take notes. Be prepared to ask questions at the end of the interview to show that you are genuinely interested in the job. If you belong to journalism, advertising, architecture, fashion or any other creative field, carry your portfolio/work samples highlighting your work.

  1. Be enthusiastic and look sharp

Dress accordingly for the interview considering the position and industry of your job. Get dressed in your best formal wear and make sure to check it for wrinkles and spots. Maintain eye contact all through the interview to demonstrate confidence. Even if you are feeling nervous, reply or talk to your hiring manager in a confident tone.

  1. Value time

It is best to arrive 15-20 minutes before the interview – this makes a great impression on the interviewers. Sometimes you might be unable to find the correct address or get lost, so arrive early near the office to avoid these issues.

  1. Cite examples and answer confidently

No one likes to listen to boring information. Stories and examples are what attract hiring managers and pique their interest. Give specific examples highlighting your success at work and how you handled challenging situations. Use numbers in your answers to quantify them.

  1. Listen carefully

People usually go on and on during interviews and do not listen. Make sure you are listening carefully before answering or explaining anything. Try to read between the lines and answer accordingly.

  1. Revise your talking points

To appear less nervous and more confident, jog your memory by revising your notes you want to highlight during the interview – your unique quality, specific skills, anecdotes, examples, accomplishments that are related to the job responsibilities.

Polish your resume, dress well, carry your portfolio, include examples and stories when you answer, and appear confident during the interview process. Follow these seven essential steps to get hired in your dream company.

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