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June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018

Know How REVA University Will Help You to Enhance Your Future

At REVA University, we are committed to shaping the future of young learners while they learn to face the professional world. With right advice, help, guidance, and support, students can enhance their career prospects by being a part of opportunities such as cultural events, internships, personal skills training, volunteering, and work experience. We believe that with the right amount of exposure and experience of the corporate world coupled with a full-time degree from a renowned university can really help students on their career journey. We, at REVA University, provide students all the support they require to secure internships and work experience which are helpful in developing professional and personal skills highly valued by employers today. We also encourage students to demonstrate their commitment to their chosen career path while building a valuable network of connections. This blog will introduce you to some ways you can enhance your future as a student at REVA University.

Study at a world-class university

Studying at REVA is an asset with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities that can guide students on their career path while enhancing their future prospects. Pedagogy implemented by experienced faculty members help students understand the theoretical knowledge and well-equipped laboratories create a stronger knowledge base. REVA’s excellent reputation and ranking for academic excellence and placement attract employers worldwide.

Develop your skills through various opportunities

Our seminars, conferences, science and art exhibitions, cultural and technical fests, and other extracurricular programs for students help them develop significant transferable skills that will be beneficial throughout their future career. With many opportunities to participate, these extracurricular activities help students develop the important skills employers look for, such as entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, and cultural awareness.

Enroll for an internship or industrial placement

We encourage and guide students to take an internship or work placement to enhance their university experience by gaining insight into their chosen sector while refining the professional and personal skills that employers value. Summer internships help students to gain relevant experience while they learn the practical applications of any concept. REVA Placement Cell conducts pre-placement training sessions to help students pursue their ambition and get hired by their dream company.

Benefit from student organizations and clubs

If you study at REVA, you will find endless options to engage in different activities such as dance, drama, sports, literature, technical, science, and many more. We promote participation in student organizations, clubs, and societies as they present many rewarding opportunities to learn about your goals, objectives, strengths, and your overall personality. Our students develop essential soft skills such as communication, interpersonal, attitude, work ethics while interacting with others and developing new relationships.

Volunteer at non-profit organizations

As volunteering is an important part of the student experience, we push our students to engage in various volunteering activities at a charity or non-profit organizations. Not only it can be rewarding and exciting, it also has a positive effect on getting hired by a prospective employer and making progress in your career. We believe that such volunteering opportunities develop crucial vital skills in students including interpersonal, teamworking, problem-solving while contributing to communities that are in need.

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